Only 1 Kia Model Has Annual Maintenance Costs Over 0

Only 1 Kia Model Has Annual Maintenance Costs Over $600

Kia Motors has been recognized for its low maintenance costs, but only one of its models has annual maintenance costs that exceed $600, according to a study conducted by the Washington Post.

The study, which examined the maintenance costs of various Kia models over the course of 10 years, concluded that the Kia Cadenza had the highest annual maintenance cost at $611. The Cadenza’s maintenance costs were significantly more than the average of all models, which was $401.

The Cadenza’s maintenance costs were mainly attributed to frequent oil changes and more costly repairs. The vehicle also required more frequent tire rotations, other fluid changes, and brake inspections than other Kia models.

Despite the Cadenza’s higher maintenance costs, Kia’s total maintenance costs were still well below industry averages. The average maintenance cost for all models was $401, compared to the industry average of $544.

Kia’s other models fared much better in the study, with some models having annual maintenance costs as low as $235. The Kia Soul, for example, had an annual maintenance cost of just $235.

The study also found that Kia vehicles were generally reliable, with an average reliability rating of 4.3 out of 5. This was slightly higher than the industry average of 4.2.

Overall, the study concluded that Kia vehicles are generally affordable to maintain, with the exception of the Cadenza. Kia’s other models have average maintenance costs that are significantly lower than the industry average, making them great choices for budget-conscious drivers.