Only electric cars by 2033: Ten new electric VW models by 2026

Only electric cars by 2033: Ten new electric VW models by 2026

Status: 10/27/2022 11:56 am

By 2026, Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen Group wants to bring ten new electric vehicle models to market. An entry-level car should be available for less than 25,000 euros.

The electric car market in Europe and Germany continues to flourish. Volkswagen has now announced that it will launch ten new electric car models by 2026. The portfolio should range from “high-end electric cars with a target price of less than 25,000 euros to the new ID.Buzz and ID.Aero” to have a suitable offer in every part. “In the future we will focus on our core models and simplify our range and packaging over the next ten years,” said VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer.

The DAX group is also under pressure from American electric car maker Tesla. From January to September, the American group of Volkswagen there Sales of electric cars in Germany in second place is known. Tesla sold more than 38,400 cars, while Volkswagen sold more than 32,300 electric cars alone. For the American group, this corresponded to a growth of 48 percent, while Volkswagen lost 40 percent compared to the same period last year.

Fleet electrification should now proceed faster than planned: Volkswagen intends to build only electric cars in Europe by “2033 at the latest”. Volkswagen had previously said that the VW brand “will sell the last car with a combustion engine between 2033 and 2035”.

VW pulled out of the robot startup

Volkswagen, meanwhile, is changing its partner in robotic cars and withdrawing from Ford’s startup. The Wolfsburg-based group announced yesterday that it will no longer invest in Argo AI. Volkswagen and Ford each held 40 percent of US company Argo, which was pursuing ambitious plans for self-driving cars.

VW intends to present its new partner to its previously planned autonomous fleet with Argo, which will still be launched through its subsidiary Moia in Hamburg in 2025, but the company has not yet named them. Volkswagen entered the Ford subsidiary in 2019 with an investment of more than 2.6 billion US dollars.

The participation was organized by the then Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess. They wanted to share the costs of new development with Ford. Both hoped to make rapid progress in autonomous driving. Volkswagen’s new boss Oliver Blume money on high-flying schemes. Apparently, he is more careful. The development of autonomous driving technology is expensive and is also considered risky because the prospects for success, including possible future benefits, are uncertain. Argo as a company should now be history.

Other partnerships have not changed

“All other partnerships with Ford remain unchanged,” the group said. Volkswagen is supplying America’s second-largest automaker with a self-developed MEB electric platform for the European market. The American group has turned its Cologne Ford plant into a European center for electric cars at a cost of billions. The collaboration between the two automotive heavyweights was once considered the starting point for further collaborations.

Due to the exit of the Argo AI venture, the American car manufacturer Ford had to accept a net loss in the last quarter. America’s second-largest automaker wrote down $2.7 billion on the project, resulting in a net loss of $827 million in the third quarter. Argo is now being completed, Ford explained. “Talented engineers” should be offered positions at the parent company. Volkswagen also said it expects to hire more Argo employees.