Only in Japan.  The Lexus RX gets a sporty look and chassis tuning

Only in Japan. The Lexus RX gets a sporty look and chassis tuning

TRD has developed a new enhancement package for the Lexus RX that now has a sportier look and includes chassis modifications. This kit is only available from Lexus dealers in Japan, at least for now.

New Lexus RX it can be found from the factory in the F Sport Performance trim level, but there is always room for improvement. For owners who want a more modern look, TRD recommends a set of F Sport accessories for this SUV that is already on sale at Lexus dealerships, but only in Japan.

At the front, the aerodynamic device includes a modified splitter that follows the lines of the original bumper with complex shapes. With thick side skirts and extensions on the rear bumper, SUV The Japanese seems to be lower than the serial model and it was not even necessary to change the height of the suspension.

THE TRD it offers two sets of forged alloy wheels in 20″ and 21″, with more aerodynamic glass covers. The rear can be fitted with a larger diffuser that accommodates four exhaust outlets and a very discreet rear wing. The entire body kit can be ordered in car color, white or matt black.

Chassis and suspension adjustments

In addition, Lexus The RX also received chassis modifications that included sport dampers and revised suspension arms. These changes are aimed at eliminating vibrations, improving comfort and driving stability. In general, TRD does not make modifications at the engine level.

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This means that the RX 500h F Sport Performance maintains 372 hp of power and 550 Nm made by an external plug-in hybrid system, as well as a Direct4 all-wheel drive system.

In terms of price, Lexus RX body kits cost around 5600 euros, although each part can be purchased individually. The wheels are the most expensive part of this update, it is available, remember, only in Japan, as its price is more than 7100 euros, but the set of 21 includes a new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tires.