Only the new Dacia Sandero will have an electric variant.  On the market in 2027 or 2028

Only the new Dacia Sandero will have an electric variant. On the market in 2027 or 2028

Dacia Sandero was Dacia’s best-selling car and the second best-selling car overall in Europe in 2023 after the Tesla Model Y. The car finds many buyers, though – “because”? – only available for petrol and LPG engines. The electric variant, Dacia Sandero EV, is expected to appear only in the next generation of the model.

An electric Dacia Sandero is just a few years away

Information about the Dacia Sandero Electric was provided to Automotive News Europe by the president of Dacia, Denis Le Vot. It seems that sticking to old power units is part of the manufacturer’s strategy. The strategy, let’s add, was modified only a year or a half ago, because previously the brand had announced a stronger entry into the power supply.

New Dacia Sandero it will appear in three to four years and is expected to be on the market until 2035, when the ban on the sale of zero-emission cars comes into force. It will probably be produced in a factory in Morocco, because the production of Sandero and Jogger models is already being transferred there. The car should be “big” and built on the CMF-B EV platform, aka Small AmpRwhich the Renault 5 E-Tech Electric was also based on.

Current generation Dacia Sandero (c) Dacia / Renault Group

The brand is still wondering if it wants to stay in the smallest car segment (A) when the life of Spring ends. Meanwhile, Le Vot admitted that Dacia could benefit from ongoing work on the next-generation Twingo EV, a model based on a modified AmpR Small variant. The goal is not to be a special class (A, B), but basically the desire to provide customers with affordable electric cars.

2024 will be an interesting year for the brand, because the Dacia niche is strongly influenced by MG Motor, owned by the Chinese SAIC Motor.

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