Opel and Freeda together to tell a beauty who defies stereotypes |  Opel

Opel and Freeda together to tell a beauty who defies stereotypes | Opel

  • A new campaign by Opel and Freeda to contribute to the collective improvement
  • “POV: I am your body”, the first video, is online on Freeda

Turin. Freeda Media supports Opel, a historic car brand that has been challenging conventions for 160 years, reaching new generations and proving itself as a reference point for integration and sustainability. Through the content created by Freeda for the new campaign, Opel intends to embrace diversity, fight the status quo, labels and prejudices, inviting people to express themselves without fear. Here first video.

Opel and Freeda’s campaign is distributed for three minutes of the year, through videos that bring an unfiltered story to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. Different types of cars (Opel Mokka, Astra, Corsa) are meeting places for different people. “OpelMinded” is Opel’s brand philosophy aimed at supporting inclusion, innovation and sustainability: an approach that perfectly matches the vision of Freeda, Italy’s leader among digital media, which speaks more to Generation Z and Millennials, suggests nature. content on relevant topics such as diversity, sustainability, psychological well-being and self-acceptance.

“Partnering with an international company like Opel, which includes its flagship, is a source of great passion for us. This project confirms Freeda’s commitment to spread a positive and empowering message to new generations and a renowned partner in the automotive world, a sector fundamental to the sustainability of environmental and social”, said Andrea Scotti Calderini, CEO and Co-founder of Freeda.

“Opel has always been committed to making mobility accessible to all and marrying the values ​​of inclusion and expression, with all its potential. Freeda allows us to fully express our vision of a world, where everyone can best represent their potential,” said Federico Scopelliti, Head of Brand of Opel in Italy.

The partnership between Opel and Freeda is also strengthened through the inclusion of the Freeda Platform, which will handle the communication of the brand’s most relevant launches throughout 2023 regarding its key social attributes.

Once again strongly inspired by the concept of OpelMinded, the Freeda Platform creative team has developed a content strategy that, starting in the coming weeks, will amplify the message of inclusion and diversity that is in the brand’s DNA, making it available to users of the IG and FB platforms . thus helping to support Opel in defining a new language of communication, perfectly in line with the feelings of the new generations.

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