Opel Grandland, how the SUV is made, also electric and 700 kilometers of autonomy

Opel Grandland, how the SUV is made, also electric and 700 kilometers of autonomy

The Opel Grandland reaches its second generation and does so by featuring the Stellantis Stla Medium platform, for the first time mounted on the German brand’s model. It grew by about 20 centimeters, was born electric with about 700 kilometers of autonomy but will also be available with 48 volt hybrid engines and hybrids.

New Opel Grandland size and style

How old is the new Opel Grandland? The German SUV reaches a length of 4650 mm, an increase of 173 mm compared to the past. It also grows in width, length and wheelbase, reaching 1,905, 1,660 and 2,784 millimeters respectively. Aesthetically, it brings the styling details seen on the Opel Experimental concept car to the road starting with the “Opel Compass” design. It rests on the center of the helmet, and all other elements are arranged horizontally with the “Electrified Blitz” logo in the middle. The front has a Vizor 3D, as well as an illuminated Opel Blitz logo accentuated by Edge Light technology. The headlights are also new, now featuring Intelli-Lux Pixel Matrix HD technology with over 50,000 light elements. Compared to the past, it shows clearer lines and for the first time the Opel logo is highlighted on the rear. Great load capacity, with volumes from 550 to 1,641 liters and the possibility of folding the rear seats with a 40:20:40 split.

Opel Grandland Interior 2025

The interior has also been completely revised, with a large 16-inch monitor in the center of the dashboard where you can control the new infotainment system that is supplemented by a small screen in front of the driver and an Intelli-Hud head-up display. . Inside there is no ChatGpt connected to the headset, solutions like the Pixel Box where you can store, recharge your smartphone and watch it through the plastic compartment, 35 liters of space between the various compartments available, phone pockets on the device. backrests and ergonomic chairs Agr and electric pillows. This feature improves the comfort adjustment thanks to two pneumatic bags located on the rear back pads. As usual, the patented Intelli-Seat function works in the front seats, which reduces the pressure on the course.

Opel Grandland, all photos of the new electric SUV

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Opel Grandland electric

The first Opel to use the original Stla Medium electric platform, the Opel Grandland bev will have a range of approximately 700 kilometers thanks to a 98 kWh battery pack with a heat pump. Using fast charging stations, it will take 26 minutes to charge from 20 to 80%.

Opel Grandland 2025 plugin

Despite the use of the Stla Medium platform, the Grandland can also be equipped with internal combustion engines and plug-in hybrid technology with an electric range of 85 kilometers with WLTP approval. The Grandland range will also see the arrival of a 48 volt hybrid version. The new platform, according to German technicians, will improve driving pleasure thanks to solutions such as shock absorbers and damping wave selective technology. This technology creates a second hydraulic circuit in the shock chamber to adjust the damping force relative to the circuit.