Opel is fully prepared for the winter season

Opel is fully prepared for the winter season

Winter will begin again on October 31, 2021. Then the clock goes back one hour, so it is dark early in the evening. In addition, daylight declines further in the coming months due to the lower sun position. This means that during rush hour, during most of the day, drivers drive in the dark. Damaged appearance is not a problem for Opel’s latest designs and drivers, however, thanks to headlights with advanced Intelli-Lux LED® technology.

Opel has a long tradition of providing high quality lighting and therefore also a high level of safety for night driving. The flexible, non-flammable Intelli-Lux LED® lighting technology is available in several Opel designs, from Corsa to Mokka, Insignia, Grandland and Astra. Opel Astra plays a major role as a technology platform and makes innovations of this kind accessible to a wider audience of buyers.

Premium lighting technology for compact class

In 2015, Opel introduced the state-of-the-art Intellilux LED Matrix lighting at the Opel Astra (Europe’s Best Vehicle of the Year 2016), bringing the light of the matrix to the short class. The next phase of installation has begun with Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light. After Opel Insignia and the new Opel Grandland, the brand new (optional) Opel Astra is also available for this new generation of lighting technology. With a total of 168 LED components (84 per lamp), the headlights ensure the correct and smooth design of the light at all times, without illuminating other road users. The new Astra thus sets the tone for its class. Very light headlights ‘cut’ the cars coming from the light within seconds and with precision accuracy. The remaining areas remain fully occupied by the upper beam.

With more precise and powerful technology, Intelli-Lux LED® is better than xenon or conventional lighting systems. As soon as the car leaves the city, the matrix lights automatically change to the top beam and continue to adjust the height and light distribution. Some road users are not dazzled, while other parts of the road and surrounding areas remain light. The LED components will be turned on automatically as soon as the system detects that there are no lights from other vehicles.

Thanks to Intelli-Lux LED®, roadside objects also appear earlier. This gives Opel drivers more time to respond, for example an animal crossing the road unexpectedly. In addition to improving visibility and security, Intelli-Lux LED® lamps also contribute to an attractive appearance. In the new Opel Mokka, Astra and Grandland, headlights are an integral part of the family car, the Opel Vizor.

It glows like daylight and has great effectiveness

Opel offers similar, efficient and sophisticated LED systems in other models. For example, the Opel Mokka comes standard with a complete LED system, in which front lights as well as daytime running lights, indicators and rear lights use LED lights. At Opel Crossland, flexible full LED headlights with curved light, high beam support and automatic distance control are available optionally. Opel’s modern LED systems are also more durable and use energy than conventional headlights, thus further reducing CO2 emissions.