Opel love and goodbye to our loyal partner – Oldtimers at Auto Motor Klassiek

Opel love and goodbye to our loyal partner – Oldtimers at Auto Motor Klassiek

Good Saturday started very early for me on June 11. I was excited because I was going to get my new car. This day I received a beautiful Volvo V50 2.0 Kinetic with Edition II versions from Gerard Kramer in Wolvega. At the same time, it meant that I would make the final drive with my Opel Astra. And that was the car I was so attached to.

Opel has since changed. I bought it in October 2020 as a temporary replacement, as a filter for the period when I would quietly seek a replacement for Lancia. The Italian charged me a large sum of money. And because we were in the middle of a lock, I chose a temporary alternative: an old gasoline truck. The Blitz returned to Van Putten’s home. And the supposed half-year was quickly multiplied. I was with Opel for over twenty months. And stick to it.

In total I owned six Opel, four of which were personal. That is not free. I have always loved the brand since I was very young. My first Opel was from that time. That was Kadett 1.2N City from 1976, that was a nice car, a real student car that loved its fuel consumption. Kadett had more than two tons per hour, wear was on it, but I made money with it (renting) and also sometimes spent it on long trips. I finally said goodbye to Kadett, because someone else ruined it. That was a shame, but with the peak of 400 I paid, I enjoyed the City of Orange. And he always did.

I still have fond memories of the Corsa 1.2S LS that I traveled with in the city and throughout the country. Which I took my two-day love Marianne from Koblenz to Freiburg in Germany. Coming from Hamburg, he had made good money and decided to seek refuge in Southern Europe. The Corsa, in which I gained experience in all sorts of things, marked a good time that was ruined by a three-car crash. Then the confidence was lost. Man, I regretted selling. I feel enough.

The third private Opel was the car I had for the longest time. Opel Astra Games II Edition, painted in Prestigeblau. The car was luxurious. I’m sure we would still have a car if it weren’t for the complete loss in the thick fog (you didn’t see anything). For seven years we went through all sorts of things with Opel, for example we drove a car with it up to central Sweden and up to Italy (with three kids and a lot of luggage in the back). It really was one hell of a car, which unfortunately retired early due to a collision with a heavy fog.

And exactly five years later I bought the Astra H 1.4 16V Edition, from 2006. Station. Opel was maintained by the seller so it was already a little old. He belonged to the GM-Opels generation where high-quality cheese cut was pulled over the label. Astra’s great age did not hide that, He had his issues and wanted a cold drink. And during the last few months, malfunction lights came in more and more frequently. So there were still a few things.

I took it seriously, but reluctantly, the decision to do business at Opel, that was a very difficult one for me. Because I was connected to a car, which I could use for anything. I could put everything in it. Used for everything. Additionally, thanks to excellent chassis and ditto operation, Opel was a very good travel car. It has never been bothered by wind and also provided a very comfortable seat. Additionally, I was fascinated by the Astra H Estate look, from its introduction I find the look interesting.

Now I am the owner of Volvo, and I am proud of that. I think I have a good car and I want to drive it for many years. And Volvo – at least, I think so – is a worthy and good brand. But love, weakness for Opel (old) remains. Because in their perfect humility they can pleasantly surprise you. And let friendships grow every mile. Namesake Bas van Putten once said beautifully: Opels never cheat† And no word was deceived about it.