Opole (Poland): Dominik Kubera wins Goldhelm / Speedway

Opole (Poland): Dominik Kubera wins Goldhelm / Speedway

The Golden Helmet race in Poland is not only about this award, but also about the starting points in a quality race. Dominik Kubera won, while world champion Bartosz Zmarzlik finished in an unusual 7th place.

“Today it didn’t work out, but at least we know what we have to work on,” was the published conclusion of world champion Bartosz Zmarzlik after the Golden Helmet Race in Oppeln (Opole). Zmarzlik got off to a good start by winning the first race, but the victory in the third race of the day was his only one. In the end, the world champion finished the race as one of four drivers with nine points and finished in 7th place.

Zmarzlik’s only win of the day was in race 3 against Dominik Kubera, who later won the Opole race. With another second place and three race wins, Kubera, who is facing his first full season as a GP driver this year, was able to score 13 points and win the race.

What was important was that in the 19th round of the day he was able to leave Przemyslaw Pawlicki, who was tied on points until then. While Kubera took the win, Pawlicki came last in the fight for victory and fell to third place overall while Kacper Woryna was able to climb to second place by winning the last race of the day.

What really stood out for Opole was that only four races were not won from the inside starting position and that Kubera was the only driver of the top six who went without a clear result and thus took the win. With the victory in the Golden Helmet Race, Kubera is now one of six drivers in the history of Polish speedway who have managed to win not only the Golden Helmet but also the Silver and Bronze Helmets in the U21 and U19 competitions.

The top four from the Golden Helmet Race will also receive a starting position in qualifying for the Speedway World Championship for GP 2025. Polish team boss Rafal Dobrucki will decide on the fifth starting position.

Oppeln/PL Golden Helmet Race Results:

1. Dominik Kubera, 13 points
2. Kacper Woryna, 11
3. Przemysław Pawlicki, 10
4. Szymon Wozniak, 9
5. Mateusz Cierniak, 9
6. Patryk Dudek, 9
7. Bartosz Zmarzlik, 9
8. Maciej Janowski, 8
9. Piotr Pawlicki, 7
10. Bartosz Smektala, 7
11. Bartlomiej Kowalski, 7
12. Jaroslaw Hampel, 6
13. Grzegorz Zengota, 5
14. Wiktor Przyjemski, 4
15. Oskar Pfeiffer, 4
16. Tobiasz Musielak, 2
17. Maksym Drabik, 0
18. Krysztof Buczkowski, 0