Oregon hiker ties phone to drone to text for help 

Oregon hiker ties phone to drone to text for help 

A daring Oregon hiker has employed a novel technique to call for help in an effort to complete a challenging excursion. The hiker, identified only as “Nerf,” secured his mobile phone to a drone and sent a text SOS call to a nearby base camp.

The remarkable attempt to summon aid occurred in the rugged terrain of the Rogue River area, where the hiker had become stranded during an ambitious trek. After becoming disoriented in the dense wilderness, the hiker reportedly attached his device to the unmanned aerial vehicle and sent a message to a nearby camp for assistance.

The utilization of a quadcopter as a makeshift communication system, while remarkable, was necessary due to the hiker’s remoteness from traditional forms of communication. Nerf’s desperate attempt to contact a nearby base camp was made possible by the drone’s ability to traverse the terrain and carry the phone to a location where it could send a signal.

The daring plan of action was ultimately successful, as a team of search and rescue volunteers were able to locate the hiker and provide assistance. Officials have lauded the hiker’s resourcefulness, noting the rarity of such an endeavor.

Nerf’s innovative approach to securing aid has been widely praised, with many commending the hiker’s creativity and determination. In a statement, the search and rescue commander highlighted the hiker’s resourcefulness and noted that the utilization of a drone in such a manner was unprecedented.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of preparedness and resilience in the face of challenging scenarios. By employing a unique technique, Nerf was able to summon help and complete his excursion with minimal inconvenience.