Oregon Parks and Recreation Department announces 2023 Spring Whale Watch Week

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department announces 2023 Spring Whale Watch Week

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) has declared that 2023 will witness Spring Whale Watch Week, a benchmark event which commences on April 15th and concludes on the 22nd.

Organized by the OPRD, Whale Watch Week is a yearly occurrence that raises awareness regarding the significant presence of marine wildlife in Oregon waters. During the week-long event, participants are encouraged to view and document whales in their natural habitat.

The OPRD has expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming Whale Watch Week and the numerous opportunities for exploration and education it provides. The department noted that the event is a crucial contribution to whale conservation efforts, as it serves to both increase public knowledge and appreciation of marine life and promote responsible behavior by visitors to the ocean.

“Whale Watch Week is a great opportunity to experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and learn how to protect our state’s incredible marine wildlife,” remarked OPRD Director Lisa Sumption. “It is our hope that by participating in Whale Watch Week, visitors will gain a deeper understanding and respect for the creatures that inhabit the ocean and the vital role they play in the environment.”

The department has released a series of guidelines and recommendations, urging all participants to observe whales from a distance and refrain from engaging in activities that may disrupt their habitat or behavior.

In addition to whale-viewing, the OPRD has encouraged participants to engage in a variety of educational activities, such as whale-counting surveys and beach clean-ups, as well as fun activities such as photo contests and art projects.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer Whale Watch Week each year, and are looking forward to the 2023 event,” Sumption concluded. “We hope the public will join us in observing and celebrating the amazing marine life that calls Oregon home.”