Orlandina lasts once in race-1.  Paladini in the second half in Bernareggio

Orlandina lasts once in race-1. Paladini in the second half in Bernareggio

The playoff series starts off on the wrong footOrlando Basketball which, in the first act of the series which sets up the maintenance of the Elite ranks by grabbing against Brianza Basketball, losing by a score of 87-74. The first half showed a careful attitude on the part of the blue-and-whites who, however, decreased sharply in the shooting percentage in the second half (only 33 points were obtained in the second half). A 12-2 run after a long period changed the momentum of the match, which was almost always done by the green-and-whites at home. Replication in a few hours for two races and the goal of the training team Robustelli is to level the series and then play it all at home, when the series moves to Sicily at the weekend.

Baldassarre passes his mark (photo Carmen Spina)

Record: a good start for the visitors who, after stopping the bleeding for the first time with only 4 points scored in many minutes on the clock, come out of the period more firmly and thanks to bad sales well distributed between. Vecerina, Triassi, Cuffaro And Binelli shorten to 10′ (22-19). In the second quarter Lissone forces the pace and extends to +8 and Galaxy and Bugatti (fan for him). Captain Lagana And vegetables produce eight points and the challenge remains in great proportions. It is reliably played by Belshazzar who shows himself in the heart of Paladin’s game and 39-41 of the 20th minute partially rewards the efforts made by Orlandina in this first part of the match.

Returning to the field, Brianza, after starting with raw dough, showed his qualities and escaped within four minutes by 50-44 with the presence of Galaxies, Jovanović And Adam. Lombard formation is more stubborn in pressure conditions as shown Todeschi who in the end scores a basket with a double-digit advantage (66-55) while being in front in the opposite direction Okereke he suffers a stroke and has to get treatment. In the last quarter axis vegetables And Belshazzar (34 points from two but the match is already decided) he tries to carry the team on his shoulders but Brianza is in a rhythm and plays calmly. 1-0 in the series is for the home team who will try to put a mortgage on the match, while Orlandina will try to postpone any debate with a double home match, to avoid a second drop in a row.

Slippery pussy looking for an opening (photo Carmen Spina)

Lissone Interni Brianza Casa Basket – Infodrive Capo d’Orlando 87-74
Sessions: 10pm-7pm, 5pm-10pm, 10pm-2pm, 9pm-7pm.
Lissone Interni Brianza Casa Basket: Bugatti 20 (5/6, 2/5), Lanzi 16 (1/1, 4/7), Galassi 14 (4/6, 2/5), Bertini 12 (3/7, 1/7), Todeschini 9 (2/2, 1/2), Jovanovic 8 (3/7, 0/0), Adamu 4 (2/5, 0/0), Fabiani 2 (1/1, 0/0), Poser 2 ( 0/1, 0/2), Redaelli 0 (0/0, 0/1), Rinaldi, Pirola. All Lombardi. Free throws: 15 / 22 – Turns: 34 (3 + 31) (Alessandro Bertini, Petar Jovanovic 6) – Assists: 23 (Tommaso Lanzi 6).
Infodrive Capo d’Orlando: Baldassarre 17 (5/10, 1/2), Vecerina 17 (7/11, 0/2), Laganà 11 (1/1, 3/10), Triassi 10 (1/1, 2/5), Klanskis 5 (2/4, 0/1), Okereke 5 (1/2, 0/0), Cuffaro 4 (2/2, 0/0), Binelli 4 (2/2, 0/6), Passera 1 ( 0/3, 0/2), Carlo Stella. Robustelli breeds. Free throws: 14 / 23 – Rebounds: 38 (6 + 32) (Simone Vecerina, Alberto Triassi, Marco Passera 7) – Assists: 18 (Marco Passera 5).

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