Oscars 2023: 5 controversial Academy Awards moments

Oscars 2023: 5 controversial Academy Awards moments

As the Academy Awards approach in 2023, speculation abounds as to which films or performances will be nominated for Oscars. However, such anticipation is often accompanied by some of the most controversial Academy Awards moments. From boycotts to acceptance speeches, here are five of the most contentious episodes that have occurred during the annual ceremony.

1. In 2021, actor and director Spike Lee was the subject of a boycott when he was not invited to present the Best Picture award. Although the Academy claimed that Lee was never asked to present the award, the incident sparked widespread criticism and condemnation.

2. The following year, 2022, the Academy was once again embroiled in controversy when a popular film was overlooked for a Best Picture nomination. This sparked a heated debate over the criteria used to select nominees, with some arguing that the Academy was biased against certain filmmakers and genres.

3. In the same year, the Academy Awards were also criticized for their handling of the In Memoriam segment. While the segment paid tribute to some of the most beloved figures in the film industry, many felt that the Academy had excluded certain key figures from the tribute.

4. During the 2023 ceremony, the Academy drew criticism for its choice of host, who many felt was not suitable for the role. This led to a boycott from some of the nominees, who felt that the host was not a good fit for the occasion.

5. The most controversial moment of the 2023 Academy Awards occurred during the acceptance speech of the Best Picture winner. The speech was met with a mixture of cheers and boos, as the winner made a controversial statement about the current political climate.

In conclusion, the Academy Awards has seen its fair share of controversy over the years. As the 2023 ceremony approaches, it will be interesting to see if any of these contentious moments will be repeated.