Our exams.  Nissan Qashqai E-power

Our exams. Nissan Qashqai E-power

By revamping its best seller, Nissan is showing that electrification can be practical.

The tested crossover is an electric car that does not need to be charged. A car suspended between two worlds runs like a normal electrician, but gasoline is poured into it. The power source is a proven internal combustion engine. However, it never drives the wheels, but only generates electricity. The car is propelled by an electric motor (190 hp, 310 Nm), drawing energy from a battery with a capacity of 2.1 kWh. This solution has two major advantages. First of all, although the hybrid series runs like an electrician, thanks to the fact that we have a small electric plant hidden under the hood, the Qashqai in the e-Power version can be refueled at any gas station in the country. You don’t have to wait an hour while driving by sea for the only fast charger in the area to open … In the case of this model, it’s fast, comfortable and still electric. What about acceleration? It’s good.

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