“Our Renault 4L can do anything.”  It will cross the highway and the Moroccan desert – Francuska.pl

“Our Renault 4L can do anything.” It will cross the highway and the Moroccan desert – Francuska.pl

Vision, a playlist carefully selected by the famous Renault 4 company. Armed with lots of equipment and enthusiasm, Mélanie and Harmony set off in May 2022 for the 4L Trophy, the world’s largest gathering of under- 28 years. Their destination was Morocco, where the navigation competition was held under the dunes of the Sahara. These events in the field of humanity, solidarity and sports allowed the crew of two friends to stand on the podium in the classification of women. Today, when we present the 4EVER Trophy car show, which will announce the future Renault 4, they remember the meeting as if it were yesterday.

4L Trophy Rally is a unique project that gathers thousands of young people every year. The program includes: a trip through three countries, ten days to discover the Sahara and Morocco, and a Renault 4 that is used as a means of transport to carry school supplies for several charities. Mélanie and Harmony, two young friends from Normandy, decided to take part in this trip. What prompted them to do so? The prospect of having fun with a human goal.

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Mechanics and financing, ie flawless preparation

Participating in such a big meeting required good preparation, because it is as important as the competition itself. First, a Renault 4L, bought online from a former rally participant, had to be cleaned with the help of Father Mélanie, who knows the mythical car of his youth in detail. To test the car and get used to the different controls, Mélanie drove it everywhere. For bread, for work, for parties with friends, every occasion was good to spend time in the Renault 4 that everyone remembers and everyone wants to drive. says Mélanie.

At the same time, Harmony pursued the main goal: to collect gifts to bring them to Marrakesh: We visited shopping centers to collect school supplies and equipment and hand them over to Moroccan students in need. Since the start of the protest, more than 15,000 children have benefited from the school supplies donated by the participants.

Directional compass in the field and road book

Every year, more than 1,450 workers, or 2,900 participants, set out to conquer the Moroccan desert. Ten unforgettable days of marching begin and end in Biarritz, France. After arriving in the south of Spain and then traveling by boat to Tangier, the race in the desert is decisive. Time is not measured here and the classification is based only on the number of kilometers traveled.

For Mélanie and Harmony, it is a unique experience, and at the same time a story of friendship, courage and loyalty. To meet the challenge, the crew must be able to use the compass and decipher the road book. The girls in the Renault 4L drove through the Sahrawi sand dunes following directions such as “Trails, CAP 350”.

At first we thought that it would be difficult to overcome all these steps of the “old” Renault 4. But this is a road car: from the highway to the Moroccan desert, it was able to overcome all difficulties – he says Melaniewinner of the 4L Trophy competition.

First place in women’s classification

Participation, unforgettable meetings, participation in the solidarity procession: these are the only goals set by two of the crew – Mélanie and Harmony at the beginning of the race. However, after each stage, they were closer to the podium and finally won the women’s classification in the 2022 edition of the 4L Trophy. An unexpected reward for an unexpected race from start to finish, as Mélanie likes to call it.

4EVER Trophy, the return of an icon

Renault presented a modern and electronic interpretation of the iconic Renault 4 – the 4EVER Trophy show car – at the Paris Motor Show, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy charity rally. This concept car shows the future SUV of 100% B segment. A true automotive icon, the Renault 4 is a car of many generations with more than 8 million units sold in more than 100 countries for more than 60 years. Mélanie and Harmony, present at the Salon, were able to see the model they liked right away, at a show organized for only for them!

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We found out during the meeting that our Renault 4L can do anything. This is a very versatile car that will appeal to everyone, regardless of age! We are very excited to see what the new Renault 4 will be like – it goes with the times! – he says Compromisewinner of the 4L Trophy competition.

The best is still ahead of us, ahead of the Renault 4L and the 4L Trophy winners who are already planning to take part in the next meeting.

Press release: Renault Polska

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