Owner sees new Corvette Z06 breaking down after miles

Owner sees new Corvette Z06 breaking down after miles

It’s not the ‘short break’ you’re expecting…

Photo: ©Chevrolet

A painful first trip for American Marco Garcia. His brand new 2023 Corvette Z06 had less than 60 miles on the clock when the engine failed to crank. Surprisingly, after Garcia shared his experience in a YouTube video, Chevrolet contacted him himself. And we immediately gave him three options: full payment, new production booking or the car brand’s ‘Platinum’ warranty package.

Due to high demand for the V8 sports car, factory bookings won’t deliver the new Z06 for another six months. But he also did not want to be compensated, so the third option was right for him. ‘Because this would still take too much time, I asked them to come up with a better proposal. After a short internal conversation, they were finally able to give me a little more.’tell Garcia.

Platinum Protection Program

In addition to the new ‘Chevy’ engine block, Garcia can use it Platinum Protection Program which covers the Z06 ‘bumper to bumper’ for the next 100,000 miles. More extensive than the standard 3 year 58,000 km package. No unusual luxury for a sports car. In the same video, he says he has paid more than 165,000 euros. More than 50,000 euros more than the new price, partly due to the dealer’s high costs.

Despite the fact that he now has to wait two (extra) months, he is happy with Chevrolet’s handling. “They understood my situation, and in the end I got more than I expected at the beginning”. Garcia isn’t afraid of another broken block, because he’s already bought plenty of new parts to give his Corvette a good deal. I hope it turns out well!