panda and Maserati

panda and Maserati

Unlike other status brands, Maserati does not attract the audience with ‘absolutely inappropriate behavior’. And that the old Quattroporte car (which has always been the best car ever!) Was a favorite mode of transportation for mafia bosses is a myth, says Thomas Bangma. “Maserati is a brand from which the concept of chic-sporty was invented.”

To recreate the sports feature, we were invited by Maserati to get acquainted with the three additional versions of Trofeo, as well as to take into account the fact that, along with Levante, both sedans are also available as. ‘Trofeo’ with the most powerful V8 available, at a price of between two and a quarter of a million tons. Not so much a cause for unrestricted celebration, but sensible showing the beautiful final song of the main sound engine, with 580 horses from the famous barn (race). And apart from the fact that Ferrari will only use locally made engines in the future, Maserati has ambitious plans to supply electricity. Several single-use models will be available in a year or two (including the Alfa Romeo Stelvio-based Grecale and the MC20 electronic version), although the third edition does not fully meet all of its promises. .

It’s amazingly fun

Talking about a promise that was about to come true: in 2014 there was an interesting idea.[1]a car in Geneva, which referred to his centenary in his name (Alfieri) and which turned the heads and hearts of Maserati lovers. The real Gran Turismo, perfectly matched by the beautiful history. But the car looks a bit different now, as the new (and only electric power ?!) successor of GranTurismo / GranCabrio. The choice to dare, almost say, is entirely in line with Maserati’s current slogan ‘Time To Be Audacious’. The MC20 with its unique, economical design of the ‘Nettuno’ V6 also seems to fit in there, but such a mid-range sports car seems to be an amazing step (towards Ferrari?). Maserati has never been a real mid-engine brand. In our humble opinion, Maserati is a brand of Ghibli and Quattroporte, if you know what we mean.

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