Panzer Smart and other armored vehicles.  Evaluation of advertisements

Panzer Smart and other armored vehicles. Evaluation of advertisements

Our times are dangerous – there is a war near the Polish border, there is a fear that it may become more dangerous in our country, if only because the number of illegal weapons in circulation in the coming months will increase even more, as it were. , for example, during and after the war in the Balkans. Specialty stores already do not have bulletproof vests (most of them are shipped to Ukraine). What about armored vehicles?

In many countries where the risk of terrorist attacks or attacks is high, those who are at risk of attack and who can afford it often use armored vehicles. It is not only about politicians or secret services, it is also used by businessmen, business stars or just rich people.

Many manufacturers offer armored versions of the factory (such cars are offered by, among others, Audi, BMW or Mercedes) and not always representatives of limousines, SUVs or medium-sized cars are also strengthened. There are also a few professional companies in the world that can fit almost any car at the customer’s request – the most famous company of this type is Trasco from Germany Bremen.

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Armored cars: not just for politicians and crown princes

Almost all of us have seen photos and videos recorded in Ukraine, showing armored military vehicles (including the new Gazy Tigr) or BTRs with holes like a sieve. Not all of them were affected by modern anti-tank weapons – NLAWs or Javelins – some did not withstand fire from guns. So if armored military vehicles turn out to be dangerous, how well can armored passenger vehicles survive? It depends on the specific model. In the market, you can find cars that were prepared primarily for the transport of high-level politicians – and these, as you know, are more concerned about their safety than the safety of their subordinates. High-end VIP limos are resistant to gunshots, also large-scale, with cocktails or Molotov bombs, and should also protect against mine explosions or chemical weapons attacks. It’s just that driving them every day is difficult and expensive, because although they look almost the same as regular limousines or large SUVs, they weigh more than 5 tons (an extreme example is the Beast the President of the USA is run by, the car weighs more than 9 tons!), and with strong driving, their tires and brakes do not last long – do you still remember the accident of the limousine carrying President Duda, in which the tire burst because it was not changed in time? No need to mention the oil consumption!

On the other side of the scale, there are cars that should protect passengers not against terrorist attacks, but for example against street theft – they are lighter, in use they are almost the same as ordinary cars – it is impossible to open several windows in them, and extra weight increases performance somewhat. Armor protects well against small arms or glass shattering stone.

Ball protection class: which car will withstand the fire from Kalach?

The so-called ball protection class. In European cars, they are often given according to the VR (Vehicle Resistance) classification, according to the standard developed by VPAM (association of organizations for testing protective equipment and structures), or according to the EN 1522/23 standard (classes B1 ). -B7). Vehicle type VR1 (equivalent to class B1) protects against rimfire bullets (eg pocket pistol, KBK), class VR2 should provide protection against small arms of the caliber 9 mm Parabellum (the most common pistol also used by the military of Poland and the police), VR4 should protect against 357 and 44 Magnum revolvers, VR6 is a protection class that should be sufficient for firing a Kalashnikov rifle. Top, series armored limousines have a protection class of VR10!

How to identify an armored vehicle?

At first glance, armored vehicles look almost identical to the standard models on which they are based. The difference is easy to notice when you look at the glass and its frames – armored glass is thicker, transmits light better, and the glass frames are wider than in normal cars. In some models, the doors are equipped with more or less covers that hide the bullet holes. Some models also have special rims and tires. No low style tires are used in armored vehicles! First of all, because the armored car is intended to be used as an escape vehicle – and with a car on low-quality rubber, a standard barrier can be an insurmountable obstacle. Second – a special, hard ring must fit inside the tire, which allows you to continue your journey even if the ball is shot.