Parisian style and technological innovation.  Immerse yourself in the luxurious DS 7

Parisian style and technological innovation. Immerse yourself in the luxurious DS 7

Paris is a city associated with galleries, style and good fashion, impressive architecture, famous monuments and a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. Can the spirit of this city be transferred to the world of the automotive industry? The DS brand has been proving for decades that this is possible. The latest version of the DS 7 model combines beauty, comfort and technology.

From the beginning, the history of DS has been written by cars that were ahead of their time. Already in the 1950s, Flaminio Bertoni designed a car that had breakthrough technology at the time, such as a hydropneumatic suspension that kept the body in a constant position on uneven surfaces and a hydraulic brake system that ensured efficiency and sensitivity better than mechanical solutions. In the 21st century, DS develops tradition, following its own path that combines innovative solutions with an attractive appearance. Now the latest version of DS 7 SUV has been released by the designers.

Love at first sight

France is always associated with good fashion. That is why the DS 7 attracts you at the first meeting with its futuristic, powerful and at the same time elegant lines that are devoid of unnecessary elements. It combines sporty accents with balanced styling, providing a pleasant sensation even before the door is opened and the car allows you to immerse yourself in the interior.

Stylish engine grille, sharp headlights with DS PIXEL LED VISION 3.0 technology, which adjusts the driving mode according to the external conditions, and unique daytime running lights. This avant-garde style concept means that other drivers will also like it, and the ride will be safe regardless of the conditions. Lovers of details will appreciate the LED rear lights and the scale motif.

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Parisian style and extravagance

Once you enjoy the view DS 7, in you will be greeted with a real treat. The interior can be upholstered in high-quality Nappa leather, which is arranged in a watch-bracelet pattern on the seats, emphasizing DS Automobiles’ relationship with French craftsmanship. The cherry on top of the upholstery cake is subtle accents in the form of pearl stitching, which refers to Parisian Haute Couture. However, if you want to emphasize the dynamic character of the car, you can choose Alcantara upholstery.

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As soon as you settle into the seats, you will notice the BRM R180 watch, which was developed in collaboration with BRM Chronographes. It combines a classic look with an advanced automatic time adjustment mechanism. The steering wheel is covered in leather and reinforced with satin chrome inserts, combining sport and beauty. The motor functions are used, among others: using switches decorated with the Clous de Paris guilloché pattern. These are small motifs that overlap beautifully in a pyramid shape.

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It’s all complemented by a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a 12-inch HD touchscreen. The FOCAL Electra HiFi system consisting of 14 speakers, a subwoofer and a 515 W amplifier will make your favorite music deep and clear. The interior of DS 7 is not only elegant and modern, but also practical. During the trip, you can rely on the trunk with a capacity of up to 555 liters.

Skillful driving

The DS brand is in the ABB FIA World Championship Systems E, where he won championship titles in 2019 and 2020. From this experience, the E-TENSE plug-in hybrids were born. You can choose from the highest power version of 225, 300 and 360 HP. All-wheel drive is available in the latter two. The racing nature ensures reliability and excellent performance. After activating the SPORT mode, the E-TENSE hybrid with a power of 360 HP delivers up to 520 Nm of maximum torque. This model also includes a modern and environmentally friendly BlueHDI diesel engine with a power of 130 HP.

Powerful engines are just the beginning. The DS Active Scan suspension offers a new dimension to driving. This is a smart suspension that uses a camera and sensor system that analyzes road imperfections in real time, and the computer increases or decreases the stiffness of the suspension individually for each wheel.

DS Drive Assist allows you to maintain a constant distance behind the vehicle in front and ensure that the vehicle stays within the lane. Thanks to this, you will arrive at your destination well rested. However, if fatigue starts to worsen, DS Active Driver Monitoring will suggest with an audible signal and a message on the instrument panel that it is worth taking a break. Once you arrive at your destination, the 360 ​​Vision camera system helps you park the car with confidence by displaying an image of the surroundings around the car on the touch screen.

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Especially for you

DS 7 available in two unique versions. The first is the Performance Line, which stands out thanks to many unique fashion accents. Black DS logo, Performance Line badges and high-gloss black DS Wings and roof rails. The appearance of the car is emphasized by 19″ Silverstone, Edinburgh or Tokyo aluminum rims in the case of the Performance Line + version. The interior is finished in Deep Black Alcantara and DS canvas. The DS 7 Performance Line character is emphasized by details of as elegant as the embroidery of the DS Performance Line and available only in this edition, red and champagne stitching.

To celebrate the new generation of the DS 7 model, a limited edition E-TENSE 4×4 360 La Première is also available, distinguished by a special logo, DS monogram in black, 21″ Brooklyn alloy wheels and brake calipers with the DS Performance logo. racing department of The DS brand is also responsible for the development of the drivetrain and suspension, making the DS 7 La Première even more unique. The interior features Nappa leather seats with a watch strap pattern and black detailing. It is all completed by an opening panoramic sunroof.

DS 7 it’s stylish, extremely comfortable and showcases the most advanced technology the DS brand can offer. It combines the technical excellence and technological know-how of the DS Performance brand’s racing department. Thanks to this, you can be sure that every trip, even the shortest, in the company of the new DS 7 will be an unforgettable experience.