Part of the regional road to be repaired.  The first tasks are to start any day

Part of the regional road to be repaired. The first tasks are to start any day

Another part of the regional road is being repaired. This time, it will take place on a stretch of more than two kilometers between the villages of Wysoka Wieś and Mały Mędromierz.

In Tuchola, a contract has just been signed for the rehabilitation of this section of road along regional road 241. The investment value is 4.5 million zlotys and is fully financed from the voivodship budget.

The contract for the repair of the section was signed by Zbigniew Sosnowski, deputy marshal of the voivodeship, Michał Mróz, head of the Tuchola district, Przemysław Dąbrowski, director of the Regional Road Management in Bydgoszcz, and Maciej Hewusz, representative of the management board. of Kolasi. It was the Colas company that was selected in the bidding process to get the contract for the rehabilitation of this 2.1 km section. – Under favorable weather conditions, construction works will be completed this year – we hear from leaders who mention that the first works will start later this month. The scope of work includes the repair of the road surface, and a reinforcing mesh will be built on the road. Intersections of local roads, roads leading to the stadium and property as well as the existing bus station will be repaired. Safety will be enhanced by increasing the shoulder and replacing the spring barriers, as well as getting additional areas with these structures. The path will also have better drainage thanks to the appropriate profile and refined channels. Pipe lines under the exits will be replaced. It is also planned to replace vertical markings and make road markings.

The rehabilitation of the section between Wysokie Wieś and Mały Mędromierz is the next step in the modernization of the roads around Tuchola. – The reconstruction of the exits to Świecie and Chojnice is behind us. Last year, we started repairing the roads to Bydgoszcz and Sępólno Krajeński, this year we continue these works – Says Deputy Marshal Sosnowski and admits that the announcement of the tender for the Tuchola bypass project is still pending. – We are also waiting for the decision of the Directorate General of Environmental Protection, which is necessary to announce the tender for the Tuchola bypass project – he adds.

Officials remind that Czarna Droga was rebuilt earlier in Tuchola itself (new asphalt was laid there, new roads and exits were built) and other streets with the status of regional roads in the city. On DW241 itself, a two-kilometer section of the road between Sikorz and Trzciany and a 1.5-kilometer Zboż – Więcbork section were repaired. This year, a contract was also signed for the construction of the seven kilometer long section of Wielo-Więcbork.

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