Pastry Chef Creates ‘Chocolate Electric Car’, Hyundai Replies

Pastry Chef Creates ‘Chocolate Electric Car’, Hyundai Replies

A Pastry Chef’s creation of a “Chocolate Electric Car” has prompted a response from Hyundai. The confectionary masterpiece, created by renowned Chef Matthieu de Gottal, was a full-size replica of a Hyundai Kona Electric car, made entirely from chocolate. The car was created to celebrate the Kona Electric’s success in the French market, and was unveiled at Hyundai’s flagship store in central Paris on April 9th.

The intricate confection was constructed from more than 200 kilograms of chocolate, including dark and milk varieties. Every detail of the car was replicated in chocolate, from the wheels to the headlights. Chef de Gottal spent three weeks constructing the edible vehicle, which he describes as his most ambitious project to date.

In response to the pastry chef’s craftsmanship, Hyundai has released a statement praising the work. The brand expressed its appreciation for the chef’s effort in recreating the Kona Electric in such a unique and delicious way. Hyundai also stated their admiration for Chef de Gottal’s artistry, noting that the car was an impressive feat of chocolate engineering.

The chocolate Kona Electric has been met with enthusiasm from chocolate enthusiasts around the world. The car has also been featured in various international media, further raising awareness of the Kona Electric’s popularity in the French market.

Hyundai’s response to Chef de Gottal’s extraordinary confectionary achievement highlights the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation. This ambitious project is a testament to their appreciation for craftsmanship and the potential for chocolate to be used in unexpected ways.