Paul Newman’s old 1988 Volvo wagon just sold for more than a new one costs

Paul Newman’s old 1988 Volvo wagon just sold for more than a new one costs

In a feat of remarkable resale value, the 1988 Volvo wagon once owned by the late actor Paul Newman recently sold for more than what a new one would cost. The iconic vehicle, which was integral to Newman’s role in the movie “Nobody’s Fool,” garnered a total of $350,000 USD in an online auction.

The venerable station wagon, which had been in storage since 1996, was acquired by Newman in 1988 and was driven sporadically until the actor’s death in 2008. It was then kept in storage by his daughter, Nell, until it was offered up for auction.

The Volvo, which was well-known to fans of the film, is a 850 GLT sedan, a model which was produced by the Swedish automaker from 1993 to 1997. It is equipped with a 2.4 liter 5-cylinder engine that produces 170 horsepower and is outfitted with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

In addition to the car’s impressive resale value, the auction also attracted attention for its memorabilia offerings, which included a pair of Newman’s driving gloves, a spare tire cover autographed by the actor, and a Never-Fail Oil can that was gifted to Newman by the film’s director, Robert Benton.

This isn’t the first time that the car has been auctioned off, as a similar sale took place in 2009 and garnered a bid of $250,000. However, the latest auction marks an unprecedented resale value for a vintage Volvo station wagon, and it is a testament to Newman’s enduring popularity.