Paul Walker’s Nissan GT-R (R34) from FF4 is for sale

Paul Walker’s Nissan GT-R (R34) from FF4 is for sale

Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R by Paul Walker
Will this movie car fetch 5 million euros?

Munich dealer GT-A International has a Japanese coupe with an exciting history on offer: Paul Walker’s Nissan GT-R (R34) from The Fast and the Furious film series.

About 2,500 cars were destroyed in the nine parts of “The Fast & The Furious” film series. Counting down, every 49 seconds the car is enough and a few fans should be very happy that a particular bolide was not among the victims of the movie’s destruction drama: Paul Walker’s blue Nissan R34 Skyline from Part 4. An example that already enjoys cult status beyond the cinema screen, and which has become a complete legend with the Fast and Furious films.

Not a sticker bomber

The GT-R is a unique that was specially assembled by Kaizo Industries for the show and with the participation of the main actor Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013. At the instructions of Walker, for example, the body does not have name stickers or stickers for cause he “didn’t want to run a sticker bomber”. Bayside’s powerful blue shines in the eyes of fans – no wonder, after all, the Nissan was driven only 6,000 km. The twin-turbocharged 2.6-liter straight-six in front has a long life ahead of it, which of course cannot be said for every car from the year 2000. Especially not when around 550 hp are available after various improvements.

GT-A International

Kaizo Industries has taken over the engine – now a six-in-line twin-charged one delivering around 550 hp.

Other modifications made by Kaizo Industries include Nismo sports suspension, sports exhaust system, body kits, roll box, Alcantara in the interior and an on-board computer installed for movies, including a reversed head-up display suit you If you consider that promotional cars from the Fast and Furious movies have already changed hands for more than 800,000 euros, the estimated price of this special Japanese racer is not surprising. The GT-R can fetch up to five million euros. The proceeds of which the seller would like to contribute in large part to Paul Walker’s “Reach out worldwide” foundation. Whoever wins the bid can also look forward to various movie memorabilia.

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Sure, of course. The history of the car is very important and everything else is secondary.

Never. Only the technical and optical conditions as well as the inventory of the equipment.

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There are cars that gathered a lot of fans in the early 2000s. In addition to the blue and white BMW M3 from the Need For Speed ​​​​Underground video game series, there is no doubt that it is also Paul Walker’s Nissan GT-R from the series of the movie The Fast and the Furious. Munich-based dealership GT-A International is now selling the exact one-of-a-kind car. The car probably won’t change owners quickly after that.