Paul Walker’s Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec II Can Be Yours

Paul Walker’s Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec II Can Be Yours

Paul Walker’s name has reached close to mythical status in the tuning scene in the years following the unfortunate death of the actor. As the driving force behind Fast and FuriousAfter all, the American franchise is still a hero for every lover of Japanese affairs.

After all, Walker was more than just an actor: the best man breathed the love of a car and also had a great collection of cars of his own, with little preference for BMW M3s, Toyota Supras and Foxbody Mustangs.

Illegal car

One of those cars Mr. The Walker legend was the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. His character Brian O’Conner entered the first race with a silver and blue copy 2 Quick 2 Anger.

The presence of a car in the film, however, posed a minor problem: The Skyline was not issued in America and therefore does not have a permit of sorts. At the time of the film, the car was illegal. The same was true for Bayside Blue copy is sold for Hive Auto Group located in San Diego, California.

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drive in

The V-Spec II was however commissioned by Motorex at the beginning of the millennium. Skyline was given a gold Nismo car and used by tire manufacturer BF Goodrich as a poster and advertising car. To qualify for a car with full registration, none other than Paul Walker was hired to travel the required mileage and R34.

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slightly tickled

In fact, Nissan is far from standard: the story RB26DETT twin turbo six inline has Nismo carbon inlet pipes, GReddy radiator and plenty of intake and new song from GReddy USA. In addition, the block comes through a thick pipe from the Trust.

In the interior we find another pillar of precious American instruments, a set of blue straps that penetrate the rear seats, a short gear rod and a Momo Apache steering wheel with incredible error and a dubious red button in the middle. However, the known NOS bottle is not found anywhere.

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Number six

The Skyline is only 21,000 miles (33,796 miles) per hour and is therefore in a high state. Considering the recent prices of JDM heroes, the fact that the car is licensed by California, and the involvement of Paul Walker, the value of the car is probably more than five digits.

If you are a very rich F&F fan, you can call Hive Auto Group.