Perpignan: “We are investing 6.5 million euros in the sale of BMW-Mini in Perpignan”

Perpignan: “We are investing 6.5 million euros in the sale of BMW-Mini in Perpignan”

This is the first time in France, a Spanish company takes over the reins of car sales. Oliva Motor announces an investment of 6.5 million euros in the BMW-Mini dealership in Perpignan acquired from the Alart family.

It’s official. The Oliva Motor Group from Tarragona has completed the purchase of the BMW dealership and Mini Garage Alart, in Perpignan, at the end of January 2023.It is one of the oldest German brand concessions in France from 1958. It has 45 employees and a turnover of 35 million euros.“, notes Santiago Oliva. “AWith this operation, which will require an investment of more than 6.5 million euros in technological tools and CSR, Oliva Motor joins a global advertising strategy like other leaders in the sector. Thanks to this, in 2023, we plan to exceed 250 million euros in sales and 460 employees in our 15 sites in Tarragona, Girona, Barcelona and Perpignan.“, adds the executive chairman of Oliva Motor. Founded in 1966 by Joaquín Oliva, the Oliva Motor company currently represents nine brands (BMW, Mini, Motorrad, Peugeot, Citroën, Opel, Honda, MG and JAC Motors). Oliva Motor becomes a company of cars. the first Spanish business to establish in France.”The acquisition of Garage Alert was made possible thanks to the excellent relationship between Oliva Motor Group and BMW.“, assures Marc Oliva.

“France is a very demanding market”

“BMW is already the most important brand of the group in terms of sales, and we consider this opportunity for very good growth. It is a winning bet in which we see a bright future. France is a very demanding market, and for this reason, it is an opportunity for us to play in the top league “, explains Santiago Oliva.

Oliva Motor is also the first distributor of Stellantis in Tarragona, which expanded in 2022 through the acquisition of the Opel dealership. In addition, the family group, of which the third generation is now at the head of the company, last year acquired the sale of MG and the importer of electric industrial vehicles JAC Motors for the Iberian Peninsula.

“Our strategy is based on the digitalization and diversification of our businesses. We are investing heavily in technology, we are expanding the list of products and products and we are committed to the elimination of mobility. We like to go hand in hand with manufacturers who recognize and reward suppliers for a job well done and reward us heart to move forward“, he concludes Mark Oliva.