Peter Gabriel is not a hater of Genesis

Peter Gabriel is not a hater of Genesis

Peter Gabriel he left i the beginning started a solo career in 1975, now 48 years ago. Since then he has not played in the band anymore and, according to what he announced during an interview with Uncut magazine, he is not missing at all.

About the beginning 73-year-old Gabriel said he saw his former bandmates at the concert farewell tour in March 2022 “There’s a lot of stories there.

It was good to see Phil again, even if he wasn’t as well as I remembered him. But it brought back a lot of memories. I was very happy to be there. I was there at the beginning, so I had to be there at the end.”

Although he remembers his past life with the group he helped found with great pleasure, he has no interest in the band. “I don’t see them often, but I love my relationship with those people. I love the freedom to do what I want, when I want, how I want. It’s okay to give up on a project. But as a way of life, I don’t want to have any more arguments.”

Peter Gabriel in this period he is busy and out (he currently releases a song every full monthan exact disc release date has yet to be announced) of his new self-titled album “I”. In his conversation with Uncut he said that having his studio, Real World, and a cultural manager gives him a lot of freedom as a solo artist. “Being the old nerd that I am, I could have said to Mike Large and the Real World team, ‘Let’s do this project.’ No one will challenge me: ‘No, you can’t do that’, they can tell me: ‘We don’t have the ability to do that’ (…) It’s about having a physical base that allows you to practically follow your heart.”

In the past, lack of money was sometimes the only thing, like in the 80s, Brian Eno And Laurie Anderson they tried to build a ‘field of experience’. Although they had a place to build Barcelona, ​​they had no money. “But some of those ideas, I think, inspired all of our work.”

Now, he explained Peter Gabriel, the money he earned from his solo work gave him the kind of freedom he longed for. But he hasn’t lost the passion to create new music that he had when he started with i the beginning in 1967. “It’s the same kind of thrill. Now I’m more realistic because you can ride any wave that you surf or go into deep water and think you’re a piece of shit. Many artists. I always know how to stay between the two. “

While we wait to find out about the release date of the new album, it is certain that Peter Gabriel will be in it concert in Italy next May: in appendix 20Verona Arena and May 21 at Assago’s Mediolanum Forumnear Milan.