Peugeot 308 SW, a hunter in the skin of a station wagon

Peugeot 308 SW, a hunter in the skin of a station wagon

JULIAN GRABOWSKI • 47 minutes ago

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Expressive style, combines modernity with aggressive character, futuristic interior, rich materials and above all – big trunk. Peugeot 308 SW can now be the metro benchmark in the compact car class.

Let’s be honest – the “308” is one of the most important cars in the Peugeot line. For this reason, it was certain that the French would prepare something special when working on the model of the next generation. After the debut of the hatchback, which was shown earlier, we were sure that the strength of this model is reflected in its high-quality interior and aggressive style, but now we know that the SW variant, a station wagon, is also interesting .

Are you surprised? Just look at this car – few brands can create a model that is both practical and attractive at the same time. About its design and the most important parameters in a moment, but now pay attention to another important thing – the body of the Peugeot 308 SW is decorated with a completely new logo of the brand! It is a kind of manifesto that the company is entering a new era.

It is obvious that Peugeot has always had its own unique style, thanks to which its cars stand above the everyday environment of city streets. It is not different in the case of this car and it must be understood that it is the first representative of the new stylistic language of the brand, so all the following will draw with a few 308. So what sets this model apart? From the front, the hatchback and the station wagon look the same – very good, because it is one of the most attractive features.

The car is distinguished by the aggressively lowered headlights, a proudly raised radiator grille in a stylish design and a large clear brand logo. Despite such an expressive style, the most noticeable thing is the inscription “308” on the hood and daytime running lights that look like the horns of a hunting animal. It is about the lion, which can be found in the brand logo – so you can expect that the bold design of the rear lights imitating the logo is also the work of the “lion’s claw”. Well, Peugeot designers know what they are doing – the car looks attractive from all sides.

Electric motors are the future of the automotive industry – that much is clear. That is why the compact version 308 SW includes two electronic versions, i.e. advanced plug-in hybrids. Both are based on a 1.6 turbo petrol engine and an electric unit, but depending on the variant, such a kit produces 180 or 225 hp, making both versions the most powerful in the range. Most importantly, the Peugeot 308 SW in the hybrid variant can travel in electric mode for a distance of up to 72 km, and its average fuel consumption is only 1.1 l / 100 km.

However, the choice is very important, so drivers can also choose the classic drives, ie 1.2 turbo petrol engine or 1.5 turbo diesel engine. The first is available in two variants – with 110 or 130 HP. An 8-speed automatic transmission is also available. Diesel, on the other hand, is offered with a 130 HP variant – here you can also choose a manual or automatic gearbox. Therefore, the choice is very wide.

Every driver has certainly come across the term i-Cockpit in recent years, that is, the innovative interior created by Peugeot designers. This revolutionary solution, which means a compact steering wheel with indicators placed on it, changed the market, and Peugeot became one of the pioneers of future interior styles. For some time, the i-Cockpit has also received several screens – in this case we are talking about digital indicators, a central display with a touch screen below and shortcuts for using the multimedia system (i-Toggles).

However, looking modern is not everything, and the quality of the cabin also makes a big impression. The finishing materials are of high quality and pleasant to the touch, and the matching of individual components is at the highest level in this class. Another surprise here – in the Peugeot 308 SW you can have Nappa leather upholstery, soft and pleasant smelling, and these are the characteristics of cars of a higher class than a compact.

This is not a common procedure, so it is more important to emphasize – the Peugeot 308 SW version is 27 cm longer than the hatchback and has a 5.5 cm longer wheelbase! This makes it above average spacious, because the interior will handle four adults well, and the fifth will have enough space. The center aisle is not very visible, so it doesn’t take up any legroom.

The modified dimensions and body of the station wagon, which does not reduce the space above the heads of the passengers, means that the car also has an above-average cargo area. It’s not even that its capacity is 608 liters or even 1634 liters with the rear parts closed down, but about something more – the trunk has regular shapes, a low load threshold, two floors and various storage rooms, hooks and nets increase its utility . . Yes, the engineers have thought of everything in this car!

Three types of engines, four versions of equipment – from the basic Active Pack, through Allure and Allure Pack, to the top GT – five types of upholstery, seven body colors and five aluminum wheel designs are a combination that allows you to create a complete replica own. As you can see, Stellantis’ slogan “the power of choice” applies not only to engine versions, but to a wide selection in many other aspects.

In summary, it must be admitted that the Peugeot 308 is one of the most stylish cars and is distinguished by a carefully designed interior, while the SW version, or station wagon, is attractive with a large cabin and a practical trunk. Looking at these features, it can be concluded that this is compact only in name and close to middle class models. It is hard to believe that many features, known so far from high class cars, can be found in a car with a price starting from PLN 108,300.

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