PEUGEOT Ocean Trophy: focus on environmental and marine protection |  peugeot

PEUGEOT Ocean Trophy: focus on environmental and marine protection | peugeot

Ruesselsheim am Main, April 12, 2023. The PEUGEOT Ocean Trophy 2023 is underway: Together with around 20 famous German actors, advertisers and influencers, PEUGEOT is sailing through one of the most beautiful parts of the Aegean. At the same time, the regatta is an expedition of the ideal world: It shows how pollution-free and almost pollution-free transport can be done and leads to important areas of environmental and marine protection in the region. Arrival and land journeys are therefore also covered by electric vehicles from PEUGEOT.

The tournament will start on May 3, 2023 in Athens. Then the trip takes a week through the Saronic Gulf between Athens and the Peloponnese. Anchors are placed in beautiful and historically important places such as Hydra, Nauplion, Perdika and Poros. The selected areas are characterized by their beauty and tourist offer, but they are also important foundations for environmental and marine protection in the western Aegean.

For this reason, other actions are planned along the way, in which exemplary ecological measures are presented. The so-called “Parks” of Athens will be visited – small green areas that ensure good air and a pleasant climate in the Greek capital. Other projects include visiting a turtle sanctuary, scuba diving in the deep sea and collecting plastic waste from the ocean together.

These actions are accompanied by electric models from PEUGEOT. There is a new PEUGEOT 408 with plug-in hybrid technology, a new electric model, environmentally friendly from the lion brand. The brand is committed to making mobility more sustainable and significantly reducing emissions from its vehicles. Recyclable materials are already being used in cars, alternative car models are being further developed and their use is being extended to more models. PEUGEOT’s goal is to electrify all types of models in the future and thus make a significant contribution to achieving CO.2 To achieve carbon neutrality (Carbon Net Zero).

The PEUGEOT Ocean Trophy is presented by PEUGEOT together with its partners Bénéteau and Marinepool.

Founded in 1884 on the Atlantic coast of France, Bénéteau is now one of the largest yacht and yacht builders in the world with shipyards and production facilities in France, Poland and the United States.

Marinepool, founded in 1991 by two young entrepreneurs from Bavaria with a passion for sailing, is a leading manufacturer of marine safety clothing and a frequent supporter of important maritime events and functions. For the PEUGEOT Ocean Trophy, the entire sailing team will be decked out in Marinepool’s latest fashion collection.

Haico van der Luyt, Managing Director of PEUGEOT Germany, emphasizes the sustainable nature of yachting: “We are happy to restart the PEUGEOT Ocean Trophy this year with everyone involved. The protection of the sea and the environment is becoming increasingly important and PEUGEOT wants to take this into account and On this trip, we combine the modern technologies of our designs with the traditional navigation of the ship.

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