Peugeot struggling with rear traction in wingless 9X8 – Motorsport Week

Peugeot struggling with rear traction in wingless 9X8 – Motorsport Week

In the recent 9X8 Wingless Motorsport competition, Peugeot has experienced difficulty in achieving rear traction. This has manifested in slower lap times and a decline in championship standings.

The French automotive manufacturer has sought to address this by introducing a variety of solutions. This has included a range of aerodynamic modifications to the rear wing, as well as alterations to the suspension components and chassis. However, these have yet to yield any tangible improvements.

Peugeot’s technical director, Pierre-Baptiste Laurent, has suggested that recent developments in the sport may have contributed to the team’s difficulties. He notes that the rise of other manufacturers, coupled with the introduction of more advanced tires, has complicated the task of finding the optimum setup.

To this end, the team has recently enlisted the services of a renowned Formula One engineer. This individual has a wealth of experience in developing car setups for high-level motorsport, and Peugeot is hopeful that his expertise will enable them to overcome their rear traction issues.

The team has also conducted extensive testing and simulations, in an effort to further refine the car’s performance. This has included long runs and various tire compounds, as well as more extreme tuning solutions.

It remains to be seen whether Peugeot’s efforts will pay off, as the 9X8 Wingless Motorsport season continues. Ultimately, the team’s ability to regain rear traction could be the deciding factor in their championship aspirations.