Peugeot to Germany: we made racing history before BMW started making cars –

Peugeot to Germany: we made racing history before BMW started making cars –

Peugeot to Germany: we were making racing history before BMW started making cars

There was a time when Peugeot won almost all of them and they didn’t mind beating the German manufacturers in the process. One of the English media ads directly referred to BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. It is not difficult to imagine the face of the German product managers when they read about the competitive success, presented in this way.

Humor, sarcasm and even a little mischief were seen in advertisements to a much higher degree than today. One of the best ads was created by Peugeot, targeting its German competitors:


Since the beginning of motor racing, Peugeot cars have made racing history. Peugeot won the first official car race in the world in 1894. In 1908, he won the first Targa Florio race. As the only imported car in the history of the race, it has won the prestigious “Indianapolis 500” three times.

Today, instead of taking part in racing, Peugeot cars take part in real car rallies. In recent years, Peugeot has won the famous Moroccan rally and the Bandama Run. He has beaten Porsche and Mercedes for the sixth time in a grueling African Tour.

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Maybe that’s why in Europe, where they know European cars very well, Peugeot is ahead of Mercedes, Porsche and BMW in sales. Not because our cars did well on the track. But because they do so well on the road.

Peugeot – nobody makes cars like us – the ad ended.

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