Peugeot wants buying a car to be a pleasant experience

Peugeot wants buying a car to be a pleasant experience

Peugeot has a very interesting plan to change the way cars are sold. “Research conducted by brands has shown that there is room to change the way sales are made and provide customers with a positive experience. Salespeople at retailers play an important role in this process”says Julie David, head of the Peugeot brand in the UK.

Each of the markets where Stellantis brands operate may have its own rules. Some aspects are common to everyone, but the specific conditions of the country differ and therefore individual departments develop their own opinions and solutions.

I want us to get to a place where people enjoy the process of buying a new car as much as they enjoy getting a new car.Julie David said in an interview with Car Dealer magazine. Peugeot in the UK has conducted extensive research to help better understand the customer buying process for new and used cars. – “We did it through the eyes of experience design experts to understand how you can make a difference with so many small things, and we also looked at it through the eyes of the customer.“.

A very important aspect turned out to be the attitude of the sellers who should receive more support from the brand – not only through training and processes, but also the values ​​they could identify with the people they would like to have. work. Importer support is very important here – what counts is dialogue, understanding and willingness to communicate. “We wanted to know which sellers were frustrated, what would make a difference, and what would help them create a better customer experience.“.

Communication turned out to be one of the most important aspects. The importer and the seller are actually one common organization that should work for the customer. “It’s probably more than the product – it’s about the experience I have when I own the product. I don’t think many in the industry can pull this off, and we have a great opportunity to do so” Added Julie David.

The head of the Peugeot brand in the UK was also pleasantly surprised by the loyalty of the employees. “There are people who have been working at Peugeot for 35-40 years. They are very loyal and have brand confidence. We must help them and make them believe that it is worth passing on this trust” concludes David.

source: Car Dealer

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