PHOTO: Cadillac launches its LMDh!  Will the car give Renger van der Zande a victory in Le Mans?

PHOTO: Cadillac launches its LMDh! Will the car give Renger van der Zande a victory in Le Mans?

Cadillac has released the first photos of his LMDh. In addition, the American brand has indicated that the car will be powered by a 5.5-liter DOHC V8, with a hybrid system installed. So this is the car that Renger van der Zande will take next year compete for overall victory in 2023 24 Mans Le Leans.

The General Motors brand will compete with this car in the FIA ​​World Tolerance Competition and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Competition. These are still not actual images of the GTP Hypercar Project, but future LMDh versions of the team. Cadillac Design and Cadillac Competition designed the car in partnership with manufacturer Chall Dallara. LMDh contains well-known brand shapes.

    Le Mans 2023 Cadillac_LMDh_2

“Cadillac will once again take part in this world-famous race with the aim of climbing the top stage. We are excited to be back in Le Mans after 20 years, ”said Rory Harvey, vice president of Global Cadillac. “By competing in the IMSA and WEC Competitions in 2023, Cadillac has the opportunity to showcase its capabilities, skills and technology.”

Chris Mikalauskas, head of external vehicle design, added: “The GTP Hypercar project is a unique combination of shape, function and reflects the Cadillac’s future performance model. strange road signs. ” The goal is to have the first print and car on the track next summer.

    Le Mans 2023 Cadillac_LMDh_3

“Competing and competing for the overall victory in Le Mans with the famous American brand Cadillac is an honor,” said General Motors sport program director Laura Wontrop Klauser. “The whole team is excited to continue building the legacy of the Cadillac race through participate in the best, most international and most difficult races in the world. ”

    Le Mans 2023 Cadillac_LMDh_4

    Le Mans 2023 Cadillac_LMDh_5

    Le Mans 2023 Cadillac_LMDh_6