PHOTO: The most powerful Kia ever sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 260 km/h.

PHOTO: The most powerful Kia ever sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 260 km/h.

The most powerful KIA to date will come to the Netherlands this year. The EV6 GT, the all-electric crossover, fully lives up to its status as Kia’s new halo car with its looks, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 260 km/h. With a long range of 424 km* and the ability to charge from 10-80% in just 18 minutes***, performance enthusiasts can enjoy this essential GT all day long.

The KIA EV6 GT has been developed to deliver superior performance under all conditions. A special suspension system, modified steering and tailor-made suspension provide additional dynamic handling. The Drive Mode option allows drivers to fine-tune the vehicle’s behavior for full control and a pleasant driving experience. The super sportster from Kia not only offers impressive performance, but also allows for efficient long-distance travel with its longer and faster charging technologies.

KIA EV6 GT rear drive

Strong exterior design

The EV6 is the first Kia to be built around the brand’s new Opposites United design philosophy. The design principle of the ‘Power to Develop’ philosophy is perfectly in line with the GT’s sporty character, evoking agility and performance through distinctive features. At the front, it makes an impact with the signature ‘Digital Tiger Face’ with dynamic LED lighting and dynamic indicators, while muscular fenders and a shell-shaped hood with strong character lines give the EV6 GT a more powerful look. The GT’s unique front bumper makes the EV6 look wider.

The EV6 GT’s aerodynamic profile features prominent character lines that add strength and durability, while the signature roofline and sloping C-pillars create a sleek crossover look. Other interesting styling cues are the 21-inch alloy wheels and neon-colored brake calipers. At the rear, a large spoiler and unique bumper and diffuser complete the GT’s look.

KIA EV6 GT wheel

Driver-oriented interior

The impressive interior of the EV6 GT combines sportiness with comfort and performance. The suede bucket seats with GT metal inserts and green pipes are a real sight and provide full support during power trips and a high level of comfort over long distances. The dashboard and center armrest are finished with special GT trim panels and GT mood lighting provides a sense of calm in the dark.

The twin, curved 12.3-inch infotainment displays define all driving, connectivity and entertainment functions. The two-tone steering wheel includes a special GT Drive Mode selector, which allows quick and easy adjustment of the vehicle’s behavior.

interior steering wheel

Clean power and dynamics

A very powerful, advanced and fully electric vehicle with a twin electric motor has been specially developed for high performance. A 160 kW (218 hp) front-mounted engine works in tandem with a 270 kW (367 hp) rear variant. The combined power of this power train is 430 kW (585 hp), with a maximum torque of 740 Nm. Drive is directed to all four wheels, ensuring excellent handling in all conditions.

The EV6 GT can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 260 km/h. The Electronic Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD) provides better traction and cornering stability by automatically transferring torque to the wheels with the most grip. The highly responsive braking system features ventilated disc brakes (380mm front and 360mm rear) that provide exceptional braking performance, while linear pedal feel provides added confidence.

The EV6 GT’s 77.4 kWh battery pack and super-fast 800V charging system provide a range of 424 km** and the ability to charge from 10-80% in just 18 minutes***. The combination of sports car performance, long range and ultra-fast charging makes the EV6 an exciting and true GT.

The special GT Drive mode allows drivers to determine their own driving behavior. Depending on the mode selected, GT Drive Mode automatically optimizes the electric motors, brakes, steering, suspension, e-LSD and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). In the most powerful setting, the operating system is enhanced and the settings of the Electronic Control Suspension (ECS) are set for maximum maneuverability.

The most powerful Kia still has real GT character. When developing the chassis, a lot of attention was paid to create maximum comfort at high speeds and excellent maneuverability at low speeds.

In Eco and Normal driving modes, the range from the steering input is already low for EV, while the communicative steering becomes heavier at higher speeds. In Sport or GT mode, damping is further enhanced. While remaining comfortable in all conditions, the EV6 GT always gives the driver full control. The car’s ESC system can be turned off for extra steering power, while a special Drift mode sends most of the power to the rear wheels.


Ease of loading

Like its less powerful electric siblings, the EV6 GT also makes it possible to reach long distances on electric power. For example, IONITY, the fast charging network in which Kia invests, offers access to more than 400 charging stations in 24 European countries that are powered by 100% clean energy. Kia’s partnership with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) also gives Kia drivers access to more than 290,000 additional charging stations. Users can easily manage rates and payments to IONITY and DCS providers through the easy-to-use Kia Charge app.

The EV6 GT also has a Vehicle-to-load (V2L) function, which provides up to 3.6 kW of power and is capable of running, for example, a 55-inch television or an air conditioner for more than 24 hours at a time. . The system can charge another EV.


Can be ordered now, available from 64,195,-**

The Kia EV6 GT is now available to order and the first copies are expected to arrive in the Netherlands from the end of 2022. Not only the performance of this top model of the EV6 series is impressive, but also the equipment. For example, it is standard equipped with a 14-speaker Meridian Premium Audio System with Active Sound Design, automatic sliding door handles, smart tailgate, sliding glass roof, smart matrix LED lights, indicators dynamic LED, 360 degree. camera, invisible camera with head-up display and augmented reality. Also standard on this top model is an electronically adjustable chassis and electronic differential lock.

The GT’s list of assistance systems includes highway assist including lane change, intelligent remote controlled parking assist and autonomous emergency braking that also applies when crossing traffic at intersections.

The sports top model of the EV6 series comes as standard in Runway Red metallic. Other colors are available at an additional cost.

KIA EV6 GT interior

internal affairs

KIA EV6 GT rear

back light

the steering wheel

internal affairs

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