Piersilvio Berlusconi loves another woman: she is very young and certainly expensive

Piersilvio Berlusconi loves another woman: she is very young and certainly expensive


Italian entrepreneur and business executive, son of Silvio Berlusconi and his first wife. Piersilvio develops a passion for luxury cars and drives to be envied.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi he is the second son of Silvio Berlusconi. He was born to the first wife of the deceased. Pier Silvio is there classical high school graduate in Milan, he later enrolled in a philosophy degree course at the universityUniversity of Milan. However, he did not finish his studies.

A famous Italian entrepreneur, class of ’69 (age 54) currently holds various positions in Fininvest and RTIas well as being present on the boards of directors of the many groups controlled by the Berlusconi family, including: Mediaset, Mondadori and Mediobanca.

Among the great results achieved by the entrepreneur is the operation that allowed the group in 2018acquisition of TV rights for 700 million euros for advertising the famous football competition “Champions League“. Considering his qualifications, he worked very quickly vice president of the group.

About his personal life Pier Silvio Berlusconiconnected since 2001 and Silvia Toffaninhas three children: Lorenzo Matti, Lucretia VictoriaAnd Sofia Valentina. Just recently 52 years old he became a grandfather. Being a businessman and rich, he has always loved it beautiful women and by nature luxury cars.

Extra luxury love

Like Father SilvioAlso Pier Silvio he has many cars in his garage, jealously guarded and ready to be used for every important occasion. His cars are many, all of them are luxurious and of great value. fromAudi in Mercedes to arrive an old carpassion inherited from his father, and Land Rover Classic 1988.


A venerable heirloom that is used for important events but also and above all for business trips and meetings. In addition to international models, Piersilvio Berlusconi he also owns Italian models, such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Maserati. In his garage, however, there is a special car.

Pier Silvio owns one of the fastest and most attractive models on the current car market. It is about a Porsche 911 whose price starts from 112,000 Eurosbut to get it properly they must be added Another 20 thousand euros. The engine goes out 450 horsepower, while about the interior there are modern things and others that mention the first models. In the middle of the board then there is one 10.25 inch screen coordinate a rich multimedia system. In short, this is a car for those who can afford any luxury.