Plasma Bigscreen will be the Smart TV system for everyone!

Plasma Bigscreen will be the Smart TV system for everyone!

Plasma Bigscreen is supposed to be a system/interface designed for large TV screens and can replace the pre-installed Smart TV system. It happened, someone remembered the project and it goes to the Beta phase.

The Plasma Bigscreen is back, and in style

We have already informed you about Plasma Bigscreen before, and in fact, we even tested this system. It was more than 2 years ago and I took advantage of the fact that I had a Raspberry Pi 4B in testing. Back then the system was based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and in short… it let me down. Although the design looked good, it was far from being used at the time and nothing was really working there.

I forgot about this project and basically no one was talking about it. So far, as it turns out, this one went to the Beta phase. Plasma Bigscreen is supposed to be an Open Source system that we should use on large TV screens, mirrors or monitors. It is supposed to be a ready-made ecosystem.

Plasma Bigscreen offers modules known from KDE Plasma. We’ve got several useful apps to get you started, including Aura Browser (a web browser) or Plank Player (a multimedia player). In addition, we know that the developers have taken into account the latest Wayland technologies. If it’s Plasma, we have Qt and KWin. Interestingly, Pipewire was not chosen as the audio support system, and the good old Pulseaudio is here. In addition, the developers want to integrate the OS more closely with the Krigami UI framework. And yes, like other Smart TV systems, here we have a voice assistant. That is, it is Mycroft AI.

We can already install Plasma Bigscreen on our devices. Currently, Raspberry Pi 4 is on the active list. I hope the list will be longer. I would like to install Bigscreen Plasma on a Mini PC with an x86 processor. These might be better against the RPi.

Source: OMG! Ubuntu

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