Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat

Playseat PUMA Active Gaming Seat

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about buying a nice couch or gaming chair that I can use to play games in my living room. Sitting on the bed is good, but sometimes I want to sit a little closer to focus more on the game. The Gaming Chair design from the famous company Playseat, created in collaboration with the PUMA brand, has just arrived. I thought this was a good opportunity to check out these wonders.

I don’t think I need to introduce Playseat to anyone, but if you haven’t already come in contact with this producer, let me add that they make one of the best gaming chairs in the world, especially aimed at racing and space enthusiasts. . Usually these are well-thought-out, comfortable devices, made using high-quality materials, and quite expensive at the same time., but you have to pay a lot for this quality. I approached the specifications from this point of view, because I have never been disappointed with anything from Playseat before, so if they are already introducing a new and supposedly revolutionary product to the market, I would like to take a closer look at it.

The first show? What is this miracle and how can it be easy?

The armchair came to me in a small package with all its advantages listed at once. It looks quite unusual, at the same time it is designed for players who have at least several hundred hours of experience on the meter and know very well what they need. The artwork on the box says that the design is envisioned to be used in four versions – Adventure, Defensive, Offensive and Striker. The first two involve lying on the backrest, and the other two force you to sit upright or even bend over. It’s supposed to help you achieve good results or win, but in my opinion it’s only difficult after long-term use. But so you can imagine, take a look at the photo gallery below, how this armchair looks like.

When you look at this chair for the first time, what is your relationship with it? The first thing I thought was “I wonder if this is okay?” I hasten to explain that the first 10-15 minutes I was happy, because when I slept in this chair, it was very good. However, the stairs started later. The armrest is placed on two skids, which are slightly curved, which is to encourage more rocking forward and backward, depending on the position taken. The head is only inserted into the structure, it can be changed very little and has little benefit from it. I’m not a very tall person, I’m 1.76 cm tall, which made the Gaming Chair work well for me when I slept on it. But then a friend came in, who is already 1.90 cm, and it got worse. It lacked space on both sides. Even tall people will not benefit in this case.

Okay, but before I go on to further discuss the benefits of this device, I will mention two important things. Its current price is a staggering PLN 995, which is an absolutely amazing amount. It probably works only because we are dealing here with Playseat and PUMA in cooperation, which in turn has a very positive effect on the quality of work. This is the second step. In terms of the materials used, it is difficult to find fault with anything. We assemble the metal structure ourselves, but it does not require any tools and takes literally a few minutes. Then we put a large cloth closed with Velcro in four different places and it is ready. On top there are cushions that are soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, the material seems to be very easy to clean. The chair also has four pockets for additional accessories. One in the front, one in the back, and two in the back, on the sides. Flatter, which is finally designed to hold a smartphone or powerbank in it. You can place the controller or headphones in front or back. Does it make any sense? I’m not sure about that, because we tend to put such things on the desk, table or cupboard and very close to the TV.

I will not complain too much about the lack of any support for the elbows, because when we hold the controller in our hands, we have these elbows. However, I tried to transfer the idea of ​​using this armchair to the style of “attack”, which should be more oriented than offensive, and to make full use of the covered skids in front. There is no chance to stay in this position for a long time because we feel how we lift the armchair with the weight of our body and try to find the right balance. (you can see it in the picture showing the article). It is difficult and, moreover, it is not very useful. I couldn’t really focus on the game, feeling that the chair would fall down in no time. On the other hand, when I lean on it and sit with my back straight, then I don’t see any further benefit to this miracle. I can also use a stool or any other seat. A regular pouffe will also be more comfortable, because the seat area is larger there. Here, in the tested chair, we feel the shape of the metal between the legs, so when we sit very close to the edge, it will be very uncomfortable.

However, it is different in a defensive or even happy state, when we sleep at full length. The arm chair is then quite comfortable, and the option of gently rocking may relax some people. But is that why we spend PLN 1000 to use this furniture in this way? The height of the seat and anything else except the headrest cannot be changed. In my opinion, it is just an interesting invention, but it is aimed only at people who will think about its full use. I did a test, where I asked a few friends (very random games) to sit in this chair and try not to focus on it. None of them took the place of the attacker, and at the same time, unfortunately, there was no enthusiasm and in the end it was better to stay on the bed. From Playseat’s range of well thought out chairs, this one stands out the most to me. It may be good in one position, but it will only go to a specific group of people. And certainly not for that kind of money.