Plymouth Road Runner Drags Chevy Corvette and Buick Regal, One is a Nine-Second Monster.

Plymouth Road Runner Drags Chevy Corvette and Buick Regal, One is a Nine-Second Monster.

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Image: ImportRace / YouTube

After being featured in big events like the Street Car Takeover at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida or mind-blowing action at the 2024 TX2K edition at the Texas Motorplex, the good guys at the race are more focused. ImportRace channel on YouTube is back at their regular venue – Island Dragway – for another Test and Tune Day full of local action.

After seeing almost everything at BRP and the Texas Motorplex, from crashes to records and sleepers to stick wonders, then from exotics to six-second monsters and everything in between, maybe it’s time to settle down. That’s kind of talking when you’re dealing with a quarter-mile drag strip, though, even one that’s a little smaller, like Island Dragway.

However, the venue in Great Meadows, New Jersey, does not lack for quick surprises, as it turns out – perhaps that is the main reason why the videographer behind ImportRace likes to stay close to its premises. Lately, we’ve seen a few amazing pairings at the small but exciting track — including the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 towing a Mustang and classic muscle cars only to get a nasty surprise from one of them — a six-second beat. There was also an unusual encounter between a Ford Mustang Mach-E and a Pontiac G8 GT that ended unexpectedly or a Tesla Model S Plaid that seriously pulled another Tesla Model S Plaid.

Well, the moves on this channel usually focus on the latest or modern designs. Now, though, it’s time for a trip down memory lane with the modern side of oomph because the latest video featured below features something other than the Toyota GR Supra failing to beat the bigger and heavier Ford Explorer ST. Instead, prime time is devoted to the orange-and-black Plymouth Road Runner, Plymouth’s best muscle car, according to some — as built on a budget and on a budget. At the same time, it also provided good performance all around.

This model, obviously, isn’t old anymore – you can tell that as soon as it starts spinning the big Hoosier rear tires. The Plymouth Road Racer found only two enemies planned for the challenger in the video – the C5 Chevrolet Corvette and the Buick Regal, the main defenders of their time periods. As it turns out, though, they tried to bite off more than they could chew from the muscle car age.

The first race made everything clear, and the fast Mopar came off the line to an impressive 10.4 seconds to 12.53 victory. That’s pretty bad for something that was in 1970s fashion, isn’t it? Of course, modern technology is at play, and the second battle against another representative of GM showed that it can do better: 9.97s against 11.93s. It seems a nine-second pass was too much, though, as the next one – a solo run – pushed it back into the mid-tens and a blistering 10.45s lap time.