Podcast: the little-known story of the man behind Lamborghini

Podcast: the little-known story of the man behind Lamborghini

If you visited the Salon Auto-Sport Québec at the beginning of the month, you could see the homage paid to the 60th anniversary of the Lamborghini brand up close. Most of the models on display belong to the collector Olivier Nameche. He was invited to the show Car Guide up QUB-Radio directed by Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer.

Together with him, the two operators discussed the reasons that explain his love for the brand and the origin of the base of the Italian manufacturer who previously assembled tractors.

Together, they also talked about Lamborghini’s turbulent times as well as the future that awaits the brand.

While this collector and Lamborghini expert is working to launch a club that brings together owners of the brand’s cars in Quebec, the difference in profile between those who own modern models and those who focus on the latest was also discussed. new things.

Of course, they could not ignore the 2022 film “Lamborghini, the man behind the legend”. Mr. Nameche unreservedly criticizes this film about the life and work of Ferrucio Lamborghini.

News of the week

During this Car Guide program, there was also talk about the reveal of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, the shutdown of the Stellantis electric car battery plant in Ontario and the arrival of the first VinFast vehicles in Canada.

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