Podcast: We would have 800 volt technology even without Rimac

Podcast: We would have 800 volt technology even without Rimac


Albert Biermann is considered a chassis guru. While BMW was long responsible for M GmbH, for the past seven years he has been responsible for Hyundai’s cars and performance vehicles such as the Kia EV6 GT with a sliding mode. In the current episode of the podcast, he reveals what is important to such a person when driving and what the integration test says about driving pleasure.

Albert Biermann is considered a suspension guru and has long guided the fortunes of BMW’s M GmbH. 7 years ago he not only changed the company, but also the continent and moved to South Korea to continue the performance of Hyundai and its motorsport subsidiary N there. First as head of testing and prototypes, later as head of development, today as a consultant.

In the current episode, Biermann reveals what is important to Biermann – also in the development of electric vehicles – why there would be 800 volt technology in Kia, Hyundai and Genesis even without Rimac and how the i30N completed an important weaving test at the time. .

We also talk to him about the RN22E and H2 model of the rear-wheel drive Vision N74 and its 500 kW hybrid drive, about how good a culture shock can be and why, for Biermann, the car’s emotional appeal, especially in that case . of an e-car, it does not depend on absolute performance, driving dynamics and lap times, but above all it also depends on sound.

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