POL-AA: Ostalbkreis: Attempted theft – BMW broken into again – another

POL-AA: Ostalbkreis: Attempted theft – BMW broken into again – another

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Wasserlfingen: car touch

While parking outside the parking lot in Schlosserstrasse, the 31-year-old with his VW hit the 43-year-old’s Daimler parked there around 7 pm on Thursday. The accident caused damage of around 2,500 euros.

Aalen: Rear collision

A rear-end collision with around 28,000 euros in damage occurred on Thursday in Hegelstrasse. Due to darkness, a 26-year-old man rammed a 53-year-old Mercedes parked in the second row around 9 pm The force of the impact turned the 26-year-old’s car 90 degrees. The driver was not injured.

Ellwangen: he tried to steal

On Thursday between 2 am and 3 am there was an attempt to break into the petrol station on Haller Straße. Unknown persons tried to open three windows. They were probably disturbed by their work and ran away. The attempted break-in resulted in 700 euros worth of damage.

Täferrot: Pedelec rider fell

Possibly due to a medical emergency, an 87-year-old man fell on K3328 with his pedelec on Thursday around 3pm and was seriously injured. He was then taken to the clinic for further treatment. The pedelec suffered damage of around 50 euros.

Rechberg: Pedelec rider fell II

A 68-year-old horse rider had an accident on Thursday around 3:40 pm on a dirt track in the woods near the L1159. While driving on the Rechberg trail to the summit, the man lost his balance and fell. Two mountain rescue vehicles and an ambulance were used for the rescue. The 68-year-old man suffered minor injuries in the fall.

Wetzgau: Against parked cars

On Thursday, the 73-year-old drove down Franz-Konrad-Strasse in his VW. Inadvertently, he touched a 28-year-old Opel parked there and damaged it so badly that it was no longer roadworthy. The damage caused is around 9000 euros.

Schwäbisch Gmünd: ascended II

Around 3:30 pm on Thursday, the 37-year-old drove his VW through the L1161 roundabout towards Oberbettringen. As he pulled out of the roundabout, he realized too late that the 89-year-old Subaru driver in front of him had to brake his car. As a result, he drove his VW into a Subaru causing almost 4,000 euros worth of damage.

Bettringen: BMW broke again

In the period from Wednesday, 4 am to Thursday, 5 am, a 31-year-old BMW was broken into on Neissestraße and the steering wheel was stolen. The damage is around 700 euros. The Bettingen police station takes tips at 07171/7966490.

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