POL-HN: Press release from Heilbronn police headquarters from January 25, 2023 and report …

POL-HN: Press release from Heilbronn police headquarters from January 25, 2023 and report …

Police Headquarters Heilbronn


Billigheim-Sulzbach: A woman was slightly injured in the fire

Possibly due to a technical fault, a washing machine caught fire in Billigheim-Sulzbach on Tuesday afternoon. The appliance was in the utility room of the building on “An der Steige” street and caught fire. The 49-year-old owner suffered minor injuries when he saw the fire. There was material damage to the house in the amount of around 150,000 euros. This is initially uninhabitable because of the soot.

Adelsheim: Lack of cargo protection leads to accidents

About 38,000 euros worth of property damage is the result of an accident that happened on Monday afternoon on the A81. The driver of a Fiat Ducato was traveling between the intersection of Möckmühl and Osterburken towards Würzburg around 4:30 pm when he lost two plastic boxes in his trailer due to insufficient protection. The boxes remained on the right lane and in the green area. The jeep driver driving behind the Fiat realized this in time and was able to avoid the obstacle on the left. Behind the jeep was a Mercedes driver who swerved to the right to avoid colliding with the jeep. When he noticed that there was a plastic box on the road, he turned right again and left the road. He drove his car into two lanes, threw himself on the side of the road while trying to deal with it and collided with the central barrier. The Mercedes was repulsed by this, drove back down the road and into the right-hand crash barrier. Then the car stopped on this. The car was no longer roadworthy and had to be rebuilt. Everyone involved was unharmed.

Walldürn: a purse has been stolen – witnesses are wanted

An unknown person stole the wallet of a 50-year-old man in Walldürn on Tuesday afternoon. The woman was in the Burgstrasse church around 2:45 pm to pray. The criminal first ran away from the woman a few times and then suddenly grabbed the bag that the 50-year-old man had kept next to him. The man then ran away. He is described as 20 years old, 1.75 meters tall and of slim build. He was reportedly wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The bag was an unmarked black bag that contained books and various items worth around 100 euros. Witnesses who have seen the man or who can provide information about the crime are asked to call Walldürn police station on 06282 926660.

Mosbach: Federal Highway is closed after an accident

Because a 19-year-old Audi driver may have avoided an animal, an accident occurred on federal highway 292 Tuesday evening. The man was driving from Mosbach towards Mosbacher Kreuz around 10:30 pm when the animal is said to have crossed the road. As a result, the 19-year-old probably oversteered his car and collided with the crash barrier. Annoyed by it, the Audi turned on its axle and stopped in the left lane. There was property damage of around 7,500 euros. The protective barrier was severely damaged over a length of about 30 meters and the Audi was a total loss. The 19-year-old was not injured. The road had to be closed for about two and a half hours while the accident was recorded and towing and cleaning operations were carried out.

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