POL-MR: Right hand slogan scratched + Pedelec left + Parked at the door + Cause children …

POL-MR: Right hand slogan scratched + Pedelec left + Parked at the door + Cause children …

Marburg-Biedenkopf (ots)

Gladenbach: Right slogans scratched

In the boys’ toilet at the Ringstrasse school, unknown people scratched a right-wing slogan and a swastika on two mirrors. On the one hand, this caused damage of around 150 euros, and on the other hand it is a criminal offense “Use of license plates of unconstitutional entities”. Government security agencies have taken responsibility for the investigation and requested information (telephone number 06421/4060).

Marburg: The pedelec is gone

An unassembled “Fischer” pedelec worth about 1,200 euros stolen from a Willy-Mock-Strasse bar. The black two-wheeler went missing on Tuesday, May 9, between 8:00 pm and 8:45 pm Marburg Police is asking for information (phone number 06421/4060).

Marburg: levered to the door

A tenant saw lever marks on the front door of an apartment building in Kugelstrasse on Wednesday, May 10, around 8 pm. He had last seen the door intact on Wednesday. The extent of the damage is not yet known, and the house was not entered. The Marburg Kripo asks for information (phone number 06421/4060).

Stadtallendorf: Children wreak havoc in an empty house

Witnesses told the police about three previously unknown children, estimated to be between 12 and 14 years old, who broke into an empty house in Kronackerring on Tuesday, May 9. Between 4:45 pm and 5:45 pm they caused damage of the patio door and window to the garage and it appears they took garden tools which they later left on the lawn. The officials estimated the damage caused at 1,000 euros. The boys are described as follows: all aged 12 to 14 and about 140cm tall. One was slightly heavier than the other two, had short, black, straight hair, and wore a hat and blue jeans. He spoke German without an accent and was out and about on a mountain bike. The other had a slim build, pale skin and short strawberry blonde hair. He wore Engelbert Strauss gray trousers and black work boots. The third in the group was also thin, had short brown hair and wore a light gray T-shirt. The criminal police in Marburg are looking for witnesses: Who knows the children and can add a description or name or address? Please call 06421/4060 for details.

Marburg-Bauerbach: The trailer has been stolen

A trailer of the brand “Zilch” worth 3,000 euros was stolen from the forest parking lot at the forest house in the Pflanzengarten street. The trailer with the registration number HEF-HF 154 disappeared between Monday, May 8, 5 pm and Wednesday, 6.15 am The Marburg Kripo newspaper is asking witnesses: Who saw the car that left the parking lot with the trailer during the crime? Who has seen people playing with the trailer? Please call 06421/4060 for details.

Stadtallendorf: Ford has been touched

An unknown driver hit a gray Ford Focus on Tuesday, May 9, in the “teddy” parking lot on Stra├če des 17. Juni. Instead of taking care of the EUR 300 damage, the guest left between 4:15 pm and 5 pm without permission. The police in Stadtallendorf are asking for information (phone number 06428/93050).

Marburg: VW was touched

On Tuesday, May 9, an unknown driver crashed into a black VW Golf in P4 of the university hospital in Baldingerstra├če, causing damage estimated at 1,500 euros. Instead of maintaining it, the polluter left between 7:50 am and 8:55 am without permission. The Marburg police are appealing for witnesses (phone number 06421/4060).

Yasmine Hirsch, spokesperson

Original content from: Central Hesse police headquarters – Marburg-Biedenkopf press office, distributed by news aktuell