POL-OF: Search for witnesses after escaping from an accident in Offenbach;  The person responsible for the accident left…

POL-OF: Search for witnesses after escaping from an accident in Offenbach; The person responsible for the accident left…


Offenbach area

1. Boy slightly injured in accident: BMW driver touches bike and escapes from accident – Offenbach

(ed) A collision between a bicycle and a black BMW caused an accident involving a 10-year-old child from Offenbach on Thursday morning. The boy was on his way to school on his bicycle when he drove on the road “In der Tränke” (Rumpenheim) around 8.30 am and was overtaken by a car. After overturning, the male driver of the black car turned right onto Enkheimer Strasse. He collided with his right side of the car and the front wheel of the bicycle on which the boy was sitting. This caused him to fall off his two-wheeler and injure his thigh. However, the unknown BMW driver drove the car without fulfilling his responsibility as a party involved in the accident. The boy was able to walk independently to his school. The matter informed the mother, then she went to see the doctor with her son. The police are now asking for the help of witnesses: Who also saw the accident and can provide information about the driver and the black BMW? The police in Offenbach accept information about the accident at 069 8098510-0.

Main area-Kinzig

1. “Sorry” and two 50 euro bills left on the windshield: police are looking for the person who caused the accident – Hanau

(fg) About 4,900 euros are missing to fully settle the damage caused by a parked VW Golf during the accidental escape on Tuesday on the street “Am Hauptbahnhof” (house numbers 10). The person who caused the accident, who probably damaged a parked car between 6:50 pm and 11 pm while parking or leaving a parking space, left a note saying “Sorry” and two 50 euro notes on the windshield. Disregarding the other duties of the cause of the accident, the stranger ran away from the dust. The gray VW showed damage to the entire passenger side; total damage is estimated at around 5,000 euros. Despite the well-intentioned “signal” of the polluter, the police are investigating the hit-and-run and are looking for witnesses. Informants should contact escape group investigators on 06183 91155-0.

2. Thieves on company premises: Unknown criminals break into three cars and steal tools – Niederdorfelden

(ed) Unknown criminals used cutting tools to gain access to high-quality tool boxes from two vans parked at the company’s fenced site on Herzbergstrasse. Between 8 pm on Wednesday evening and 6.30 am on Thursday, the thieves entered the area without permission and cut the sliding doors of three cars to get to the stolen goods. According to current estimates, the damage caused by breaking into three cars and stealing tools is equivalent to 10,500 euros. The criminals were able to leave the crime scene without being detected. Crimestoppers are now investigating and are appealing for witnesses who can provide information about the unknown offenders to call 06181 4302-0.

3. The promise of victory on the phone: A 67-year-old man goes through the scandal – Bruchköbel

mh A 67-year-old man from Bruchkoebel, who was called by fraudsters, recognized the intention of the story and did not consider the request to pay a “fee” in advance in order to receive a large profit. At 9:30 am, an unknown phone number appeared on his phone’s display. An unknown woman appeared and promised him a “benefit”. With presence of mind, the man refused and then filed a complaint with the crime police, who are now investigating. Police advise: stay alert. The police advisory center of the police headquarters in Southeast Hesse will also be happy to advise you on this topic, which will be represented by special advisors on Friday, June 2, 2023 at the town square in Bruchköbel from 9 am to 11.30 am and advice telephone.

4. Fake police officer calls – who saw the two pick-ups? – Erlensee/rückingen

(dj) Detectives are asking witnesses who saw a young man aged 25 to 30, with a height of about 1.70 meters and a person of about 50 on Thursday morning in Fichtenstrasse (house number 10) to contact the police report. . The 25 to 30-year-old actor had a longer goatee, beardless cuts on both cheeks and was wearing a peaked cap and a light gray dress. The strangers, who acted as collectors or “collectors”, appeared around 11:30 am at the apartment of the victim and collected several valuables from him before leaving with the loot a little later. The incident happened because the old woman had been called by a scammer. The man on the phone pretended to be a police officer. He made the pensioner believe that thieves were currently roaming the neighborhood and that his property in the house was no longer safe. The lady believed the caller and gave the two her valuables. Detectives are looking for witnesses who saw suspicious people or vehicles. Please call them on 06181 100-123.

5. Swastika sprinkled on the sign – Gelnhausen

(jm) The sign on the street “Stephanusberg” (single-digit house numbers) was sprayed with swastikas on Thursday morning. According to preliminary findings, a man in his 20s with a small build and short brown hair is said to have painted the mark with purple spray chalk. He wore black clothes and white sneakers. He was probably traveling with a group of people. The Kripo state security department has started an investigation into this matter and is now asking for information on 06181 100-123.

6. Two people were slightly injured in the accident: Major property damage – Gelnhausen/Höchst

(fg) On Thursday afternoon there was a traffic accident on state road 3333 in the access / exit area of ​​Autobahn 66, with two people suffering minor injuries and damages of around 41,000 euros. Around 2:30 p.m., an 18-year-old man drove off the Autobahn in Gelnhausen-Ost, coming from Fulda, with his Mitsubishi and intended to turn left onto Landesstraße 3333. While turning left, the man from Sinntal apparently ignored it A Toyota that had the right lane, causing a collision. As a result of the impact, the Mitsubishi was thrown against an Opel Vivaro driving from Höchst towards Gelnhausen. Both the 18-year-old and the 44-year-old driver of the Toyota suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital for further medical examination. The 38-year-old driver of the Opel was not injured. Mitsubishi and Toyota had to be towed. If you witness an accident, please call Gelnhausen police station on 06051 827-0.

Offenbach, May 26, 2023, press office, David Jesse

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