POL-PB: #Beware!  – Lawn gets expensive quickly

POL-PB: #Beware! – Lawn gets expensive quickly

Police Paderborn


(mb) Fines, points and driving bans. If you don’t stick to the speed limit, you should consider serious consequences. This was the case on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, on the road L 776, where the police between 3 am and 5 pm near the Wewelsburg/Airport exit found and punished a total of 25 violations of laser devices.

With a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h for vehicles up to 3.5 tons, ten violations in the range of a warning fine of up to 55 euros were detected. The police initiated a fine case against 15 other speeders. Of these, ten drivers were traveling so fast that, in addition to fines, “points” were also collected in Flensburg.

Two people who are very fast will soon have to stop driving for a while: A 46-year-old car driver from the district of Höxter had a speed of 145 kilometers per hour in his Mercedes coupe. In addition to a fine of 320 euros and two points, the woman now faces a one-month driving ban.

For the 56-year-old “everyday winner” with a Mazda SUV from the Hochsauerland district, the “prize money” is even bigger. The laser beam caught him at a speed of 155 kilometers per hour and 100 allowed. The fine is 480 euros plus fees, plus two points, plus a one-month driving ban.

In addition to the speeding violation, the mobile home driver from Cologne, for example, ignored the existing ban on passing vehicles over 3.5 tons. The camp was stopped. In that case, the fine is 70 euros plus one point.

#Be careful! – Lawn gets expensive quickly. How much the cost is in the list of fines. A lawnmower can cost more because speed is one of the main causes of accidents. Regardless of who caused the accident, speed determines the outcome of the accident – it is life or death. Three quick things:

   -	Der Anhalteweg ist bei 120 km/h etwa 25 Meter länger als bei 100
   -	Bei 140 km/h ist er bereits fast doppelt so lang wie bei 100 
   -	Ein Aufprall mit 100 km/h entspricht einem freien Fall aus rund 
40 Metern, etwa entsprechend der Höhe eines 15-stöckigen Gebäudes.

In the district of Paderborn, the police regularly conduct traffic checks based on exceptions and publish the results under the hashtag “#PassAuf!” in public.

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Original content from: Paderborn police, distributed by news aktuell