POL-RT: road accidents – some with serious injuries or serious property damage;  …

POL-RT: road accidents – some with serious injuries or serious property damage; …

Police headquarters in Reutlingen


Accidents and major property damage

Damage of around 30,000 euros was caused in a traffic accident on Tuesday morning in Reutlingen. A 49-year-old man was driving an Audi A4 on August-Lämmle-Straße around 7.30 am At the intersection with Eninger Weg, the woman turned left in her car, following the priority road. According to preliminary results, he did not go far enough to the right and collided with the oncoming seat of a 50-year-old man who wanted to follow August-Lämmle-Strasse on the right. Both vehicles at that time were inoperable and had to be towed. (ms)

Neuhausen (ES): head-on collision during overdrive

A fatal traffic accident occurred early Wednesday morning on the L 1209 road near Neuhausen. Shortly after four o’clock, a 25-year-old man drove a Lexus on a country road from Sielmingen to the highway. On the straightaway before the intersection with Plieninger Straße, he overtook a truck driving ahead. Despite braking and evasive maneuvers, the driver of an oncoming Mercedes-Benz E-Class was unable to avoid a head-on collision. The two cars collided with their left front corners of the car. The person who caused the accident then swerved and the E-Class turned right onto the green verge. The 25-year-old suffered minor injuries in the accident. One passenger in the Mercedes was injured so badly that he was taken to the clinic by ambulance and hospitalized there. According to preliminary results, the 38-year-old man was not injured. Both vehicles had to be towed. The damage is estimated at 40,000 euros. The crash site had to be closed in both directions by 6:45 a.m. A local detour was in place. (ms)

Esslingen (ES): Several people were injured when the bus braked hard (call for witnesses)

According to the current state of the investigation, at least seven bus passengers were slightly injured during the braking action on the Neckarstrasse on Wednesday morning. The 48-year-old was on his way to the train station shortly after 7.30 am on the described bus. Shortly before the main bus stop, a previously unknown driver of a VW Golf with the permission of WN overtook the bus and cut in front of the vehicle. The driver was only able to avoid the collision by braking hard. However, two adults and five children between the ages of ten and 13 were injured on the bus with about 30 passengers. Some of them received treatment from the local rescue service or from the school. In the bus, a broken window from which a passenger fell caused damage of around 300 euros. The unknown golf driver then continued without stopping. The Esslingen traffic police are asking for information about the VW Golf on 0711/3990-420. (ms)

Kirchheim (ES): young people injured by a knife

A young man was slightly injured with a knife by a stranger on his way to school on Wednesday morning. According to preliminary results, the 18-year-old was around 7.40 in the area of ​​Eugen-Gerstenmaier-Platz. It is said that an unknown assailant ran over the boy and injured his leg with a knife. The subject then ran towards the center of the city. Despite a massive search by several patrol cars, the unknown persons managed to escape. The suspect was wearing black clothes and it is said that he had covered his face with what is called a bandana cloth. The Kirchheim police station has started an investigation. (ms)

Reichenbach/Fils (ES): Copper cable is stolen again (witness call)

Copper cables have again been stolen from a construction site in Reichenbach. Between Tuesday 5 pm and Wednesday 7.10 am, strangers invaded the shell construction site on Schulstrasse. There they not only stole several hundred meters of power cable from the construction site, but also stole about 150 meters of power cable from the construction crane and stole it. A large vehicle, possibly a Sprinter or a trailer, may be necessary to remove the stolen goods, which is why the Reichenbach police station is hoping for clues. Witnesses who have made suspicious comments are asked to call 07153/ 95510. (cw)

Esslingen (ES): collision between a cyclist and a pedestrian

A traffic accident with two injuries occurred on Tuesday afternoon. According to the current traffic police investigation, a 79-year-old woman drove between two parked cars from the side of the road towards Landenbergerstrasse around 2:10 pm to cross it. There was a collision with a 52-year-old cyclist who was heading towards the city. Both women fell to the ground as a result. According to preliminary findings, the cyclist suffered minor injuries. The old people suffered serious injuries. The ambulance took the fallen to the clinic. (Mr.)

Filderstadt (ES): The car caught fire

A car caught fire and burnt while driving on the B27 on Tuesday evening. Around 10:20 pm, the 30-year-old was driving his BMW 1 series on the highway to Stuttgart. After seeing smoke coming from the engine compartment between the intersection of Bonlanden and Plattenhardt, he parked the car on the hard shoulder and informed the fire brigade. This was approached by four vehicles and 22 emergency services and extinguished the burning BMW, which had to be towed with a total loss of 15,000 euros. For the duration of the shutdown, B27 had to be completely closed at times. The traffic can then be diverted in one way until the end of the rescue work around 0.30 am The road maintenance department had also moved to the fire place. (rn)

Reichenbach (ES): Overturned by a car

After his car overturned, a 61-year-old man was taken to hospital by ambulance on Tuesday afternoon. Shortly before 5:30 pm, the man drove the K 1208 from Reichenbach towards Baltmannsweiler. The MG left the road straight and overturned. According to preliminary results, the driver suffered minor injuries. His car is believed to have been totaled. He was pulled over. (Mr.)

Mössingen (TÜ): crashed into traffic signs

A young driver drove his car off the road on Tuesday afternoon. A 19-year-old boy was driving his Ford car around 4:20 pm on the road connecting the community from Mössingen to Talheim when he drove the car too far to the left and hit a traffic sign. This introduced the car’s airbag system. The driver, who appeared to be unharmed, was taken to the hospital by paramedics for further evaluation. His Ford had to be towed. Police put the physical damage at around 5,000 euros. (Mr.)

Rottenburg (TÜ): Injured in a rear-end collision

According to current knowledge, the driver suffered minor injuries in the traffic accident on Tuesday afternoon. Around 4:40 p.m., a 28-year-old man was driving a Ford on the L 356 from Ergenzingen and wanted to enter the B 28. He crashed his car into the back of an Opel whose 25-year-old driver was standing at the intersection of highway. The Opel then rolled both lanes of the B 28 onto the green belt. The ambulance then took the 25-year-old to the hospital. Your car was towed. In total, property damage should be around 3,500 euros. The accident caused traffic delays on the highway. (Mr.)

Albstadt-Tailfingen (ZAK): Diesel thieves on the move

One or more diesel thieves were at work in Tailfingen from Monday 5:15 pm to Tuesday 6:30 am. During this period, around 600 liters of diesel fuel worth around 1,000 euros were stolen from the tank of a truck parked in Wilhelm-Maybach-Strasse. The Albstadt police station has started an investigation. (ms)

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