POL-UL: (BC) Ertingen – Drunk and without a license / About the accident and …

POL-UL: (BC) Ertingen – Drunk and without a license / About the accident and …

Police headquarters in Ulm


Around 8:30 pm, the 32-year-old was driving his Citroen in Ertingen. He drove to Binzwanger Strasse towards Binzwangen. In a straight stretch, the 19-year-old came to him with his tractor. He pulled a liquid manure trailer behind him. The tractor driver noticed that the Citroen was driving on his side of the road. So he turned right on the road. The 32-year-old man also tried to avoid the right side, but grazed the left rear tire of the trailer and the left side of the car. The police began to investigate how the accident happened. The officers suspected that the 32-year-old had been drinking. An on-site test confirmed the suspicion. The driver was taken to the police station by the police. The doctor took his blood there. Since the woman does not have a driver’s license, she is now facing several criminal charges. The Citroen was no longer roadworthy and had to be towed. Police estimate the damage to the Citroen at 8,000 euros and the damage to the trailer at around 2,000 euros.

Police message:

Anyone who drives drunk puts themselves and others at risk and risks losing their driver’s license. Because alcohol and drugs reduce perception, they cause incorrect estimates of speed and distance, reducing the field of vision, negative effects and coordination. This combination is dangerous.


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