Polesitter Ten Voorde enjoys ‘sport’: “I won’t be walking around in my shoes anytime soon”

Polesitter Ten Voorde enjoys ‘sport’: “I won’t be walking around in my shoes anytime soon”

Larry ten Voorde was the star of the evening in Monaco on Friday during qualifying for the Porsche Super Cup. De Tukker was able to secure pole position at the famous circuit in Monte Carlo. Earlier in the day, members of the GPF spoke to Ten Voorde about the race for supremacy and his ambitions.

At the start of Friday, Ten Voorde found time to talk to GPFans about the upcoming weekend in Monte Carlo. While enjoying the sun, he explained what Monaco means to him. “Monaco always remains special. Going through those streets here, you always sit here with a big smile. You can drive fast on the roads here,” laughs the driver from Enschede. “It’s just something special, the whole environment around it and of course the boats and stuff,” he adds.

Difficult first experience

He was already aware of the importance of qualifying even before taking his place in the ring. “It’s important to be in a good position in qualifying, that’s it the key, Passing him is very challenging, very difficult. Especially for those Porsches, it’s a bit wider than the Formula 1 cars, but it’s very cool.” It’s not easy by any means. “Monaco has a lot going for it. Of course you have a lot of traffic that can play in the free round. At the end, each round is a pressing circle. Tires last longer, so it’s just hot here. In the end, you have to stop here.”

Of course the walls of Monaco are very close and any mistake can be fatal, very different from a normal track. Ten Voorde also admits that he was very nervous for his first experience in dwarfism. “In 2018 I wet my pants a bit, my jaw was stuck in tension,” the Dutchman laughs. “But it is very good to be here. In the end, experience also counts here, which of course plays a role,” claims Ten Voorde. It turns out, because Ten Voorde was able to change his confidence in the pole position later in the day.

Local King?

In Formula 1, Sergio Pérez is often seen as Local King, but Ten Voorde can also do something about it. However he doesn’t want to know much about it. “It’s true that you get that name when you put down the results. I think the name is right if you look at my results in recent years here, but for me it’s always new again. I have to prove myself here again and again. It’s very good with GP Elite. We have put a good car , although we still need to adjust a bit,” he says.

In the end, Ten Voorde once again appears to be one of the greats in his game and he knows it. “I think it’s great, times are changing. I’m not one to go wrong easily. In the end you always have to prove yourself. What you do in the car determines how people talk about you” the game is great. I learned a lot last year, I was kicked out of that seat last year, but I want to go back to that chair. Until the top,” he concludes.