Polestar 2, a plug-in sports car for everyday use.  At the wheel of an electric sedan with a refined design

Polestar 2, a plug-in sports car for everyday use. At the wheel of an electric sedan with a refined design

Polestar 2 is aimed at competition from the United States. With a length of 4 meters and 60 centimeters by 1 meter and a height of 47 centimeters and less than 2…

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Polestar 2 is aimed at competition from the United States. At 4 meters 60 centimeters long, 1 meter 47 centimeters long and just under 2 meters wide including the mirrors, the five-seat Polestar sedan looks like it was born to compete with the models it has as part of its memory. date, Tesla Model 3. Marked lines and sides, as well as rounded wheel arches and static configuration of all roads, really make Polsetar 2 original in the sea of ​​new electrics. A design collection whose exterior style starts from the bonnet, defined by two ribs, which flows to the mask closed with headlights reminiscent of the close relative Volvo, complete with Full LEDs styled on the lines of Thor’s Hammer. The old sedan style, on the other hand, is honored by the suddenly dropping tail. A further touch of minimalist Scandinavian design is also provided by the frameless rear-view mirrors. The 19 or 20 inch rims are big, but with the defined lines of the bodywork it looks bigger. The large yellow-lacquered brake calipers are also attractive.

Road test it took place at the wheel of the Polestar 2 in Performance trim, i.e. with Brembo calipers, adjustable Ohlins suspension and, above all, the power provided by two permanent magnet motors corresponding to 350 kW, i.e. a good 50 kW more. than the Dual Motor Long Range version. These numbers translate easily into the definition of a car that aims to be sporty and ready for a lightning fast shot, but which is suitable for everyday use all the same. The close relationship with Volvo, hinted at on the outside, is more evident on the inside. Other parts, such as the steering wheel for example, are the same, as is the perceived quality, both in materials and in assembly. Also standard is vegan upholstery (that is, made without using products of animal origin) and lighter fabrics than classic leather (however available on request).

On the dashboard that pops up due to the almost absence of physical controls, the protagonist is the infotainment, with an 11.15-inch tablet that integrates the Google voice assistant program, Google Maps and Google Store that makes human-machine interaction easier and above all convenient . If, on the other hand, the problem behind the wheel of the electric car still recharges worries, the Abrp program (aka A Better Routplanner) can be sent as help, able to guide us to the most suitable route, even in the case of a long stretch to go, and important recharging stations. The entire Polestar 2 range is divided into four variants, from the base Standard range Single motor, with a price of 52,200 euros for the declared distance of 470 km, to the Performance Long Range Dual Motor, which reaches a price of 65,700. euro and freedom reaches 480 km.

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