Polestar 2 model 2024 improves range, motors and sensors

Polestar 2 model 2024 improves range, motors and sensors

Polestar 2, an electric car of an eponymous brand checked by Volvoit will be even better in the 2024 model year. The company showed some of the many improvements coming to the car next year, including next-generation engines, more standard equipment, a more powerful battery, and the popular SmartZone suite. for the first time on the Polestar 3. In addition, the single-engine Polestar 2, which was previously front-wheel drive, will be a rear-wheel drive.

The Polestar 2 is now a full RWD platform for the single-engine variant that arrived in March. It uses new permanent magnet inverter technology and a silicon carbide inverter to increase power from 231 to 299hp. Likewise, torque jumps from 243 lb-ft to 361, putting it on par with the Tesla Model 3’s horsepower, while the 0-60 mph time drops by more than a full second from the previous engine, to 5.9 seconds.

The dual-engine, four-wheel-drive AWD version will see the same performance boost – to 421 hp and 546 lb-ft, up from 408 hp and 467 lb-ft – as well as improved traction and 0-100 sprint. 4.3 seconds. By opting for the 2024 Performance package, power jumps to 455 and 0-100 drops to 4.1 seconds. Additionally, on the dual-engine version, the second (front) engine can be switched off to improve efficiency and range (using a larger 82kWh battery) to over 300 miles, a 10% increase.

Polestar 2 battery too, like important things Engadget, it will receive minor chemistry changes and will deliver a maximum charging power of 205kw. Note however that this applies mainly to the long-range single-motor variant, the dual-motors are all stuck with the existing 78kWh charging packs at 155kW.Polestar 2 improves range, motors and sensors

Other changes will concern the sensors. The dark gray front of the PS2 reveals the SmartZone sensor unit, which features an improved mid-range radar array and a front-facing camera. A number of ADAS systems will also be common. For example, the Pilot Pack (which includes a 360-degree camera, park assist and adaptive cruise control) will come as standard on the long-range dual-engine version of the PS2, while every trim level will get wireless charging.

Those who purchase the Performance package (Brembo brakes, 20-inch wheels, and performance software update) will receive the Plus package (Harmony Kardon radio, panoramic glass roof, and air quality software) at no additional cost. should start later this year and online orders are already open.

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