Polestar 3 – another large battery SUV

Polestar 3 – another large battery SUV

At the very beginning of September 2022, we announced very encouraging news: the resolution of the dispute between Polestar and Citroën. Which means that Polestar’s arrival in France could be imminent! And that’s fun.

Because Polestar, the “performance” brand of Volvo, improves its range with the Polestar 3. This SUV (yes another one) is a direct competitor of Model Tesla X measurement Length 4.90m, width 1.97m (except mirrors) and Height of 1.61m. Generous dimensions that allow for display XXL wheel of 2.99 meters! We simply think that this must directly benefit the passenger’s stay and comfort.

And maybe just for the passengers somewhere else because with a volume of 484 liters, the rear trunk is not very generous. And it’s not the 32 liter front trunk that will make this Polestar 3 a mover.

But the key is not there! As always with Polestar, the interesting thing is the battery capacity. Thanks to him 111 kWh battery, Polestar 3 claims a range of 610 km in the WLTP cycle.. The maximum charge force is 250 kW direct currentwhich allows you to go from 10% to 80% in 30 minutes. When changing the current, it is easy: 11 kW max, and 11 hours to fully charge (from 0% to 100%).

And since it’s a Polestar, the performance is there! A version with a standard 360 kW engine called The long-term “Dual Motor” develops 489 hp with 840 Nm of torque. This allows to reduce the speed from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds all the battery. But there is more brutality: the Performance package that increases engine power to 380 kW and provides better energy management for increased acceleration and power. Results and the Performance pack: 517 hp and a massive torque of 910 Nm ! In its case, it takes 4.7 seconds to clear 0 to 100 km/h. On the other hand, the declared freedom goes down to 560 km.

Unfortunately, at the moment, no Polestar model has yet been announced in France. However, the most impatient can go in Belgium where the Polestar 3 is sold from €88,600 in the extended Dual Motor version or from €95,200 for the version with the Performance package. In both cases, delivery is announced for the fourth quarter of 2023. Will continue and hope that the Polester will soon arrive in France.